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Maharishi addresses conference on Vedic Organic Agriculture
by Global Good News staff writer

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19 May 2007

On 15 May, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Maharishi Vedic Agriculture who has revived the power and purity of Vedic Organic Agriculture, addressed an international conference on 'A Unified Field-Based Approach to Organic Agriculture'.

Giving a new meaning to 'agriculture', Maharishi said, 'agri-culture' is to 'agree' with the culturing agency', and went on to explain that the culturing agency is total Natural Law, which is the field of all possibilities. 'Total Natural Law, self-referral consciousness is that culturing agency from where you can culture anything; this field of Transcendental self-referral consciousness is the Unified Field. It is the unity of all diversity. To agree with it is ''agri-culture'' ... agree with that which can culture anything.'

Maharishi commented on Dr John Hagelin's earlier talk in the conference, in which he had explained that everything in the material universe is the expression of the self-referral intelligence of nature, the total potential of Natural Law. Dr Hagelin had said, 'on this level, anything could be transformed into anything'. Maharishi remarked that 'this one expression is the science and technology of agriculture'. He gave a beautiful example of the functioning of Natural Law and its extraordinary ability to transform anything into anything, saying 'out of the dust comes beautiful crops, all kinds of juicy tastes, all kinds of nourishment. The secret of this conversion of anything into anything is the doing of total Natural Law, Unified Field.'

Maharishi spoke of the importance of owning in one's own awareness, the organizing intelligence that governs the universe, the field of total Natural Law, and thereby utilising the capability of Natural Law to transform anything into anything. By owning that level, one identifies with, and agrees with, the culturing intelligence of Nature. 'On this basis', Maharishi said, 'the aspiration of the knowers of the Unifed Field is freedom from negativity, freedom from anything small, fullness of everything—transformed into bliss.'

Maharishi said that the field of total Natural Law 'in its own value is eternally fully awake all the time in all space and time'. He called total Natural Law the 'administrator of the universe', which could be called 'the will of God'. Maharishi further explained that 'total Natural Law is not to be acquired by anyone or anything; everything is the expression of That. Everyone is the expression of That.' Here Maharishi referred to great exhortations in the Vedic Literature such as, 'I am That', 'I am Totality', 'I am Brahm' (Unity)', explaining that 'This beautiful knowledge at the basis of one's own awareness, at the basis of one's own existence, at the basis of one's own Being, on the level of one's Atma (Self) ... one could do anything, one could do everything from the level of one's own Being.'

Referring to the Central University which is being established at the geographical centre of America, Maharishi said, 'that is going to be offering expertise in agriculture. That is how to agree with the culturing agency. How to agree? Practice of Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhi Programme, Yogic Flying. These are the various approaches to getting to that ability where anything could be transformed into anything. It is a beautiful level of achievement and we want the world to follow this advice and rise to invincibility'.

Maharishi wholeheartedly endorsed Dr John Hagelin's speech to the conference, calling him the 'voice of our time', and commented that those who want to listen to Maharishi should listen to Dr John Hagelin because 'he is a speaker whom we can equate with total Natural Law; Dr Hagelin speaks total Natural Law, Unified Field.' Congratulating Dr Hagelin for his work on the Unified Field in order to bring out the Constitution of the Universe in the national constitution of every country in the world, Maharishi said, 'The world will soon rise to perfection'.

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