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Invitation from the Parliament of World Peace: Utilize Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture to eliminate poverty and disease, and create the foundation for permanent world peace

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Lake Shandelee, New York, United States
31 August 2004

As Minister of Agriculture you must feel so strongly the responsibility that the food supply of your nation should be completely pure, healthy and nourishing—and so abundant that the farmers of the nation enjoy prosperity, while exports of high quality food secure the wealth of the whole nation.

Invitation to the Parliament of World Peace, New York

We would like to invite you to visit the Parliament of World Peace or send your representatives here to discuss how it is possible to fulfill these goals through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture—and how simultaneously your Ministry can make a great contribution to the creation of lasting peace on earth.

The Parliament of World Peace is located two hours northwest of New York City in a peaceful forest on the shores of beautiful Lake Shandelee in the Catskill Mountains.

We can also arrange to speak to you by video-conference if that is more convenient.

Definition of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is natural agriculture free from all poisonous fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, grown by farmers enjoying Vedic Consciousness—higher consciousness spontaneously in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of Nature on the local and Cosmic levels—and utilizing the Vedic sounds—the sounds of Natural Law—to awaken the inner intelligence of the plants, so that their growth and health-giving, nourishing properties are maximized to uplift the consciousness and promote a peaceful, healthy life for all who eat them.

The Difference Between Organic Food and Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

What is the difference between organic food and Vedic Organic food? And what is the advantage of Vedic Organic food over regular organic food?

Organic farming implies no chemicals are used, and no chemicals means no negativity in the food. Vedic Organic means not just the absence of negativity—but organic food with something positive added.

The Effect of Vedic Sound on Plant Growth

The positive element added in Vedic Organic food comes from the use of Vedic sounds in the fields.

A great deal of scientific research has been done to show that pleasant music not only charms the human ears and human mind, but it charms plants also. Pleasant music promotes progress and positivity in plant life.

Vedic melodies are those most basic sounds at the basis of the physical structure of the plant and of the whole universe. So when these Vedic melodies are played to the plants, the plants are nourished at this most fundamental level and respond accordingly—the nutrients in the plant develop more thoroughly, and the plants grow faster.

The inner quality of Vedic Organic food is more healthy, more nutritious, and promotes the evolution of the consumer. Naturally, therefore, Vedic Organic will soon be the prevailing system of growing food by farmers everywhere.

Bad Luck to the Farmer Caused by Violation of the Laws of Nature

Agricultural education gives knowledge of specific Laws of Nature of the soil, seed, etc. But it has never taught the farmer how to live in harmony with all the Laws of Nature.

Whenever farmers violate the Laws of Nature there is a consequence—loss of support of Nature for their farming—meaning bad weather, pests, diseases, etc. The result: farming has been a very hard and uncertain profession, always one stroke of bad luck away from economic disaster.

How to Gain the Support of Nature for the Farmer and the Farming

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture provides the farmer with the knowledge of how to develop higher consciousness, where every thought and action engages the total Natural Law that administers the universe with perfect order. Such an enlightened farmer lives spontaneously in accord with Natural Law, and all his thoughts, actions and behavior receive the full support of Nature's intelligence.

Through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, any farmer can now systematically develop an ideal relationship to the Natural Law at the basis of the soil, the crop, the weather and the whole environment, so that the process of growing abundant, nourishing food is always blessed with good fortune—the Support of Nature.

Then every harvest season will witness the smile of the angels in Heaven, and the new taste of healthy food. Timely winds, timely rains, and sunshine will be at the disposal of the farmer to support every step of his profession, season after season.

The fortune of the Vedic Farmer will blossom in affluence. The farmer's life will flower in its parental role for the whole nation. The gift of the Vedic Farmer and Vedic Farming will be a new dawn for the health and happiness of the whole human race, season after season.

'Mind depends on the Quality of Food That We Eat'

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture produces food that is supportive to health and the development of higher consciousness in the whole society (in contrast to the effects of modern agriculture that are quite the opposite).

There is a saying in the countryside of India that 'mind depends on the quality of food that we eat.' For full development of mind, we need the full range of Natural Law to be enlivened in the plants.

This is the natural result of Maharishi Vedic Organic farming, and food grown this way will result in the thinking and behavior of the whole population being increasingly in an evolutionary, health-enhancing, life-supporting direction.

This high quality of life of the citizenry will spontaneously support a prevention-oriented and problem-free government administration.

Rising Need and Demand for Pure, Organic Food

Organic production is so vital in your country, both for the health of your people and the preservation of the environment. However, in addition to these benefits, organic agriculture is the best possible way to improve the economic status of farmers, as the prices that farmers can receive for their crops command a significant premium in the developed nations. The organic industry is now the fastest growing segment of the agriculture industry, providing you with the opportunity for increased foreign exchange through the export of organic foods.

There is already a rapidly growing market for organic foods in America, the European Union, and Japan, where the demand for pure foods now greatly exceeds the supply. Any country with the knowledge and organizing power to produce and export food in accord with international standards will be able to take part in this lucrative market, where prices are significantly higher than for conventionally grown, chemical agriculture food.

Removal of Poverty through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

Poverty is a problem for every nation, and without eliminating poverty, peace will never be permanent in our world. Fortunately, a fundamental benefit of the introduction of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture in your nation will be the reduction of poverty.

Poor farmers with the knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture will have the opportunity to grow the highest quality Vedic Organic food on unpolluted lands both for national consumption and for export to the wealthy, consumer nations.

In this way, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture will improve nutrition and eliminate poverty in poorer nations, and at the same time provide healthy, nourishing food for the richer nations. A world enjoying freedom from poverty and from sickness will have a profound basis upon which to create a permanently peaceful age.

The Dangers of Modern Agriculture

Agriculture is one of society's most basic needs and activities, an activity that has been at the heart of every culture throughout the ages.

Until recently, the ever-increasing trend in agriculture has been towards large-scale, chemical-based farming that pollutes the food with poisons and killing agents. Such polluted food has been shown in scientific research to be nutritionally deficient and dangerous to health, especially of children.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are harvested long before they are ripe and have developed their full nutritive value. Unripe foods are then chemically or unnaturally ripened at the convenience of the market.

Genetic Engineering Endangering the World Food Supply

The most dangerous of all the technologies that have come to the forefront in recent years is the genetic manipulation of food and seed sources. Thousands of years of perfect evolution in accord with all the Laws of Nature is being sacrificed to misguided business interests. These completely untested and unknown products are being promoted in an irreversible manner, threatening the health of present and future generations and the safety of our food supply itself.

The forcing of chemical and bioengineering farming methodologies onto developing nations has in many cases completely undermined their ancient cultural practices, and actually led to food supply problems. Whole nations are becoming food dependent on the wealthy, powerful nations, which makes them vulnerable for their essential needs.

Training Programs in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture

Fortunately it is no longer necessary to pursue this self-destructive path in national agriculture.

We are prepared to provide international standard organic training and certification in Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture technologies to all the farmers, farmers associations and cooperatives in your country.

We are also connected to a large international sales and distribution network known as the Maharishi Global Chamber of Commerce, which can aid your country in the sale of the organic products that you produce.

The educational institution behind these farmer-training programs is the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute, accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with expertise in organic and Vedic Organic certification, research and education.

For more information on the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Programs please refer to the web sites

and for full details on the programs.

When your nation establishes Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture to produce pure, nourishing food, the government will be delighted to see that the health and quality of mind of the whole country is remarkably improved, and that new wealth is being created to eliminate the poverty of the nation. The government will find that not only has the quality of nourishment improved, but the whole character of national life is rising in peace, and harmony with Natural Law, and other problems also are not appearing in national life. This will mean the government has achieved a new level of efficiency in administration, and fulfilled the ideal for every government—a prevention-oriented and problem-free administration.

Copyright 2004 Maharishi Parliament of World Peace

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