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Maharishi speaks to Purusha - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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7 September 2007

Maharishi continues to speak about the nature of ultimate reality, and discusses a question from Denmark and Argentina, about how Transcendental Meditation is good both for the individual and for the whole world at the same time, in light of the nature and experiences of Purusha.

Please see Part I of this article.

Maharishi continued by saying that, now, getting everything done within the eternal level of silence 'is within understanding of everyone. It is within expression of everyone. And that understanding and that expression is not his [Purusha's] only expression, it's the expression of the totality of unbounded infinity becoming individuality. Unbounded infinity becoming individuality.

'... Unbounded sap. The unbounded, transcendental sap, self-referral sap, becoming a branch, becoming a branch, becoming a leaf, becoming a flower, becoming a fruit, becoming this and this and this and this. Something unmanifest, completely unmanifest, self-referral Being becoming everything.

'Unmanifest self-referral Being becoming everything. This is the Purusha*, [who] is watching himself to be unified; and not only unified, but unified, remaining unified—the process of unifying, remaining the witness, remaining the actor of [the] unified, the process of action of unifying, [and] the process of the result of action.

'So [there is] knower, knowing, and known. Where? Knower, knowing, known at the basis of the three in one unity. Knower, knowing, and known at the basis of unity, in the state of unmanifest. Purusha now today is prepared to talk in terms of the Veda, in that expression. And Purusha today is prepared to talk in terms of modern science. And all the modern science is authentically understood, experienced, and is now being vocally expressed in his speech. This is Purusha today, and this is the question to the Purusha today by the majority of the population.

'How is it? What is it? [That] one little individual is capable of doing it. It's just like asking: ''How is it? What is it inside a leaf? What is it you see transcendentally? What is that which is capable of being branches, being flower, [being] fruit? What is that? What is that?''

'There is a demand for knowledge. There is a demand for knowledge of this. And Purusha very nobly is completely competent because Purusha—Purusha means ''witness'', silent witness—Purusha is that value: completely within himself. Purusha is that value: completely within himself.

'During the past week, Purusha has been understanding what it is in terms of the Veda. Purusha has been understanding the words from Dr Hagelin [world-renowned quantum physicist and Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, USA], and Dr Hagelin's words were beautifully translated by the Prime Minister in simple language. So the whole teaching of what that reality is, has been repeatedly going on.

'And now, today, when there is a call from different parts of the world—from Europe, from Africa, from America—the two voices [from Denmark and Argentina, see Part I] today in one day, in my Family Chat**, indicate that the question is lively, permeating everywhere. This is a universal question, and we have Purusha who are living personalities of this reality. So for them to speak what they are is very easy, very easy; just one example here, and one example here.

'One equation here, and one equation here, they have assimilated. They have assimilated what the present scientific language is about—the ultimate reality—and what the Vedic reality [has] called the ultimate reality. The song from Argentina to here [is] Ham vaidik vishwa prashasak hain. Ham vaidik vishwa prashasak. ''We are the administrators of the universe.'' Ham vaidik vishwa prashasak hain. Ham Raam Raj sanchalak. ''We are the administrators of Raam Raj. We are the administrators of the reality of administration.''

'What is the reality of administration? Everything in creation is evolving, evolving, evolving. This is cosmic administration. This cosmic administration is a personal experience and the experience to the extent of being it: Purusha, the experience of being it. This is the cosmic reality of which the individual is made. Individual is made with cosmic reality. Abstractly this knowledge all through the ages was talked about and sung in different values. [It's] the same thing.

'All these exhortations, all the Vedic wisdom, Total Knowledge: ''I am Total Knowledge,'' Aham Brahmasmi; ''Thou art also That, not only I.'' Aham Brahmasmi. Tat twam asi, Tat twam asi, Tat twam asi. ''Thou art That, Thou art That. I am That, I am That, I am That. Thou art That, Thou art That, Thou art That. [And it's] not only limited to me and you. Everything is That.'' Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm. Sarvam khalvidam Brahm. Sarvam khalvidam Brahm.

'This is the voice of the Unified Field that is beautifully portrayed in the scientific language of Maharaja Nader Raam, and his Minister of Science and Technology [of the Global Country of World Peace], Dr John Hagelin. It's a shining star in the field of knowledge, a shining star in the field of knowledge.

'I would like to hear from some Purusha. Now, we have been analyzing their experiences for the last one or two weeks, now Prime Minister [of the Global Country, Dr Bevan Morris], I would like to hear. Now I am busy with the Global Family Chat, completely open to everyone. And why I am exposing this greatest secret today to everyone? Because world consciousness is anxious to know That.

'World consciousness today, in these two countries Denmark and Argentina—in whatever way the two countries' collective consciousness can be held to represent the world consciousness—world consciousness demands an explanation of how individual consciousness, which is nothingness—consciousness is completely nothingness, unmanifest—how that nothingness, how that unmanifest, how it administers the voices, ''I am the administrator of the Global Country, Ham Raam Raj sanchalak hain. Ham vaidik vishwa prashasak hain.''

'Such beautiful, soothing words [we] heard from Argentina today. Today, Dr Girish Chandra Varma [Director-General of the Maharishi World Capital of Peace at the Brahmasthan, the auspicious central area, of India] has been asked by the Raja of India, Dr Harris Kaplan, to please collect 20,000 Purusha. What will they be? They'll be living embodiments of what they're made of. What they're made of? They are made of Atma [the Self, consciousness].

'Atma, unmanifest and manifest together. Atma, manifest and unmanifest together. This Purusha has been juggling around these days. Manifest and unmanifest, in a transcendental experience. I was so happy to hear from the Raja of Denmark [Raja Bjarne Landsfeldt], when he said the press wants to know: ''We understand Transcendental Meditation for the individual, but how is Transcendental Meditation, which is very good for individual, also very good for the whole world?'' The query from one place is the query of the time. And the answer is a clarion call of time.

'How is it? Because that is the reality, period. How is it? Because that is so. That is so, that has been seen in Rk Veda. Today is not the time to go into it because we have been through it***. Total Knowledge in one word, Total Knowledge in one word. So Purusha has been exploring his own Being and what he has found is, his own Being becomes what it becomes. Being is becoming, not one after the other. Being not one after the other; but how it becomes. How the leaf becomes leaf, from the non-leafy characteristic of the sap.

'How it is? That it is transcendental, and it is imminent also. How it is? What it is? This is the enquiry that has dominated all life, all time. Throughout the ages, this has been the enquiry. What it is? What it is? Because two together, it's very difficult to conceive two together, what it is? But through the examples, it is brought home what it is.

'Just like the sap is transforming itself into a visible structure of the leaf—it is yellow, it is green, it is this, it is one inch big, and tomorrow it is two inches big. So the whole activity [is] emerging from the state of unmanifest activity. Unmanifest activity is the basis of [the] manifest thing, so that point of transition—that I'm this, and I'm this—the whole Vedic Literature explains it in so many ways: all these six Vedangas, and Upangas, all the different aspects of the Veda, that lamp at the door, the junction point here, there, there.

'And the origin of the number system on which the authenticity of the expression of the scientific reality depends, is just a self-referral, transcendental reality. What is the basis of all the number system? It's a big zero. It's a big zero. A big zero, circular motion, big zero. All that is through the Vedic script.

'So, Prime Minister, ask Purusha. I want three Purusha to answer this question: ''What it is that is in himself eternally, and without transforming itself into anything else, is maintaining itself and it is maintaining its apparent transformation quality. Zero becomes one.'' How? One becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes four like that—it's a very interesting field of knowledge. That is why the number system is a part of Vedic Total Knowledge, as is language.

'One syllable 'A' has within it all that constructs flow in the silence, that essential experience. The experience of the Purusha is that reality which is in itself nothing, which is in itself the basis of everything. Nothing and everything, nothing and everything. Both together, both together, both together. This is the totality of the individual.

'And where is all this knowledge? All this knowledge is expressed in the self-referral state of living Being, in the self-referral state of ego, in the self-referral state of intellect too, and in the self-referral state of many minds. And it translates itself into experience on the sensory perception. I would like Purusha today to explain to the world the answer of this question: ''What is that which can be the basis of individual? What is that? What is that?''

'Let this answer come from Purusha, and thereby what I want to establish is that the question arises when the answer is available. If the answer was not available—it was [not] so far— when the answer was not available, then the question did not rise. But when the answer is available, the question arises. So Purusha, three Purusha, explain your experiences in five minutes each. Express it on the basis of your experience of what you are, what your self-referral is, what your Being is.'' '

Global Good News will continue to feature Maharishi's commentary on Purusha in the coming days.

*Purusha: Purusha are single men devoted to a programme carefully designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace. This is accomplished through the extended group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme and activity dedicated to the fulfilment of the many programmes of Maharishi's worldwide movement.

'Purusha is a very ideal programme. . . . It is a wonderful programme for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.'-Maharishi

Please see also Purusha

** Maharishi's Global Family Chat, broadcast daily on the Maharishi Channel via satellite and over the Internet.

*** Please see the articles of Maharishi's addresses about Rk Veda, Part I and Part II.

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