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Governments urged to adopt Consciousness-Based Education to boost national creativity and prevent crime and violence

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22 April 2007

Press Release: Report on the Global Conference on Consciousness-Based Education

Governments urged to adopt Consciousness-Based Education to boost national creativity and prevent crime and violence

Proven new approach develops the student's total brain potential

(NEW YORK) A new 'Consciousness-Based' approach to education, which has been proven through extensive research to develop the student's total brain and full creative potential, should be introduced in schools now to immediately boost national creativity and productivity and to prevent the widespread problems of violence and crime that afflict every country.

This was the urgent message delivered to UN ambassadors and government and education leaders by Dr John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense, and Dr Bevan Morris, president of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, during the 'Global Conference on Consciousness-Based Education'.

The conference was held on Monday, 16 April, at the Global Financial Capital of New York, 70 Broad Street, in Manhattan, and was broadcast internationally via satellite and Internet webcast. (See for a replay of the conference and a schedule of upcoming conferences.)

The conference was the third in a series of six global conferences being held this month, which highlight the six programmes of the Global Financial Capital of New York to eliminate poverty and raise every nation to a high level of health, prosperity, and invincibility.

Modern education fails to develop total brain functioning

'All problems can be traced to one fundamental cause—the failure of modern education to develop the total potential of a student's brain physiology,' Dr. Hagelin said. 'Modern education is fragmented and information based. It focuses only on what is ''known''—facts and concepts—but ignores the ''knower'', the student's consciousness and brain potential. When the brain is not fully developed, then people make mistakes and create problems and suffering for themselves and others.'

Consciousness-Based Education provides the experience of the Unified Field to develop total brain functioning

Dr Hagelin said the solution is Consciousness-Based Education—or ''Unified Field-based education''—which provides the student with the direct experience, and complete intellectual understanding, of the holistic level of Nature's intelligence—the Unified Field—the E8xE8 heterotic superstring. 'This is the most advanced scientific discovery of unified quantum field theories,' Dr Hagelin said. 'And according to research, the Unified Field is open to direct experience in the simplest, self-referral level of human awareness.'

Consciousness-Based Education provides the Transcendental Meditation technique of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to allow every student to experience the Unified Field. 'Brain research shows that this is the only experience that promotes total brain functioning,' Dr Hagelin said.

Benefits of Consciousness-Based Education verified by extensive research

The beneficial effects of Consciousness-Based Education have been verified by more than 600 scientific studies conducted at over 250 universities and research institutions in 33 countries. The research shows that the Transcendental Meditation technique promotes global brain wave coherence, increases creativity and intelligence, improves academic performance, reduces stress and stress-related disorders, improves health and reduces health costs, and improves relationships.

Dr Hagelin said that as students continue with their twice-daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique during their school years, they rise to higher states of consciousness—enlightenment. 'When the awareness of the student is established in the Unified Field, the home of all the laws of Nature, then he thinks and behaves spontaneously free from mistakes and problems, and enjoys growing happiness and the increasing fulfilment of his desires,' Dr Hagelin said.

Creating the coherence in collective consciousness

Dr Hagelin emphasized that the benefits of Consciousness-Based Education extend beyond the individual student to influence society as a whole. 'Extensive published research shows that just a few hundred to a few thousand people practising the Transcendental Meditation programme and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, produce coherence in collective consciousness—what scientists call the ''Maharishi Effect''. This coherent influence decreases negative tendencies, such as crime and war, and strengthens positive social and economic trends throughout the entire population. (The number of Yogic Flyers required depends upon the population size of the nation.)

'So when a few hundred students in a school enliven the Unified Field through their daily practice of Yogic Flying, they not only create coherence and total brain functioning within themselves but also enliven the field of unity, creating coherence in collective consciousness and raising their nation to invincibility,' Dr Hagelin said.

Establishing Invincibility Schools worldwide

Dr Morris said that the Global Financial Capital of New York is establishing Invincibility Schools offering Consciousness-Based Education to students in every country. 'Now the youth can secure invincibility for their nation as a natural side effect of their blissful practice of the Transcendental Meditation program and Yogic Flying,' Dr Morris said.

A new time is dawning for the human race through Consciousness-Based Education

Dr Morris concluded the conference by urging government and education leaders to act now to build Invincibility Schools—and to introduce Consciousness-Based Education into the existing schools, colleges, and universities. 'Students will rise to higher states of consciousness and live life in freedom, spontaneously in accord with all the laws of nature. At the same time, the students will radiate a powerful influence of coherence and harmony in national consciousness so that the whole population will live life free from mistakes.

'A new time in the world is dawning through Consciousness-Based Education. Don't let the suffering of the world continue any longer,' Dr Morris told the government and education leaders. 'Introduce Consciousness-Based Education in your country now.'

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