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Transcendental Meditation and the para or transcendental level of thought - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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21 March 2007

In the Global Press Conference on 14 March, Dr John Hagelin answered a question from the press about Transcendental Meditation and the power of thought and positive thinking.

'Thought can be incredibly powerful,' said Dr Hagelin, 'and at that deepest level, when developed properly through practice, the ability to entertain desire within that absolute, omnipresent field, stirring the totality of the laws of nature—when that is established, literally it is possible to fulfil desires instantly; to achieve anything by mere impulse of thought.

'The speed of fulfillment of thought just has to do with how proficient we are within entertaining that thought on the absolute level, where Total Natural Law and all possibilities are a reality.'

On a weak level of thought, the human physiology doesn't respond perfectly, and certainly the laws of nature in the environment do not respond to the level of superficial thought that is so far removed from that field of 'para', transcendental thought that stirs the universe, Dr Hagelin said.

This is exactly what we would expect from Quantum Physics, Dr Hagelin continued. Maharishi explains and science confirms that the universe is structured in layers from superficial to profound, from macroscopic to microscopic, and at every deeper level of Natural Law, from molecular to atomic to nuclear to sub-nuclear, Nature becomes more powerful.

'The quantum principle guarantees increasing dynamism, increasing power,' said Dr Hagelin, 'at fundamental scales. Like that, the human mind, while fathoming deeper levels of reality at finer levels of thought, similarly becomes more powerful, more powerful, more powerful, and most powerful on the level of Being, abstract transcendental thought.

'It is on that level that a small group of Yogic Flyers, stirring the field of transcendental Unity, the Unified Field, can transform the destiny of an entire country.' Dr Hagelin said. 'That is an illustration of the power of thought abundantly scientifically documented, demonstrated, and confirmed.

'The most important thing in life, in education, is to develop the power of thought, the orderliness and power of the mind, and capture that field of consciousness within. Own that para level of thinking, capture the field of Being, which is our own unbounded Self. Capture the Self. Know thy Self, thy unbounded universal Self whose nature is immortality and bliss.'

'Know that by which anything can be achieved, know that by which, according to the Upanishads [one aspect of the Vedic Literature], anything can be known,' said Dr Hagelin.

So thought can be weak or powerful, depending on the level at which one is using the mind. 'So rather than hope for more powerful, productive, successful thought, develop it directly,' Dr Hagelin concluded. 'Dive within. Utilise Maharishi's proven, age-old, time-tested approaches, Transcendental Meditation, the advanced techniques, the TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying—these are the techniques to ensure that thought is positively powerful and powerfully positive, where you can achieve anything with no exertion, no effort.

'That is the ultimate development of thought. Doing less, doing least, doing nothing essentially but Being, and accomplishing everything that needs to be accomplished for oneself and for the entire country.'

'This is the beautiful, practical application of the Invincible America Assembly, the Invincible Holland Assembly, the invincible assembly of every country as more and more countries, under Maharishi's inspiration, rise to Invincibility today.' Dr Hagelin said.

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