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Inauguration of the First Session of the Parliament of World Peace: Vedic Education
by GGN Staff Writer

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9 February 2006

On 25 January 2006 scholars, scientists, and administrators from around the world gathered at the Capital of World Peace in the Brahmasthan, or central point, of India to inaugurate the Parliament of World Peace. The theme of the first session was Vedic Education.

Experts from around the globe spoke from many angles on how Vedic Education fulfils the purpose of education, which is to bring success and fulfilment to the life of the individual. From MERU, Holland, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave a profound concluding address to this first session via teleconference.

Maharishi defined Vedic Education in one Vedic word, 'Shiksha'. Shiksha means 'unfolding'. What does Vedic Education—Shiksha—unfold? Shiksha unfolds peace—the hidden treasury that lies within every human being—the experience of silence, which is at the basis of all activity of the universe.

Maharishi said, 'It is the silence which we have been teaching all these years. It is the ancient reality. The reality of the fourth major state of consciousness is an eternal thing. Shiksha unfolds that. Shiksha unfolds that which is underneath activity. It is there, only as long as human awareness has not fathomed it, it doesn't get the benefit of it being there. As long as silence is not unfolded in the midst of activity, so long, activity remains baseless. Baseless activity will not lead to the goal of activity. That is the fundamental difference between modern education and Vedic Education.'

Maharishi went on to explain that when human awareness opens to Transcendental Consciousness through Transcendental Meditation, what is experienced is the field of Total Knowledge, where all the Laws of Nature that govern the universe reside—the Constitution of the Universe. From this level the entire diversity of action in all of manifest creation is being administered with perfect order. When one's awareness becomes identified with this field, one's individual actions become properly governed—spontaneously administered through silence. Problems, sickness, and wrong behaviour are prevented in the life of the individual.

Maharishi said that a student of Vedic Education thereby gains mastery of his life and all of creation. With the totality of all Natural Law reverberating in his awareness, he becomes that field from which the entire universe arises. He becomes the living field of all possibilities. He has the ability to achieve anything.

In contrast to this, modern education prepares the student for a profession in order to earn money. It only provides knowledge of fragmented, isolated, and unrelated details, which are totally unconnected to the source of all knowledge. Even after many years of education, the graduate makes mistakes in life because he does not use his total brain potential. He can only be a slave of circumstances. It is a complete waste of human potential. The value of this kind of education can be seen today in the cruelty and misery in the world.

Maharishi explained that all that is needed in the field of education is to add Transcendental Meditation and its advanced technique, Yogic Flying, for a half hour every day to the daily routine of the student. When the physical body of a man lifts up in the air by a simple thought during the practice of Yogic Flying, this is the proof that he is functioning from that level of total Natural Law. He is demonstrating a mastery of the law of gravity. 'How does it come up?' Maharishi asked. 'Under the command of Total Knowledge. To whatever little extent Total Knowledge has been our awareness, a little impulse of it shows you have command over gravity.'

Maharishi said that when Vedic Education is offered to all the children of the world, purity will dominate national life everywhere. About a quarter of the world's population are students. When they fly for a half hour a day they will gain access to the use of their total brain and no mistakes will be made; life will always be evolutionary. Life will spontaneously be lived in harmony and peace. In addition, the whole national consciousness will become coherent and integrated. Governments will be able to display their parental role very successfully.

Maharishi further explained that now that we know that this is the potential, and the knowledge and techniques are available, we should not wait to introduce Vedic Education into every school, but let all the children of the world unfold their full potential to live life in fulfilment.

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