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Celebrating the Indian Vedic Calendar Day of Dhanvantari: One day of the year dedicated to perfect health
by Global Good News staff writer

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21 October 2014

Today Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation organization celebrated an ancient Indian holiday, called the Day of Dhanvantari, the Day of Perfect Health in the Indian Vedic Calendar. This day traditionally precedes the celebration of Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, by two days.

A highlight of the celebration today was the recitation of Vedic formulae by Maharishi Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan—geographical centre—of India, followed by Maharishi's lecture on 10 November 2004.

Following are excerpts from Maharishi's lecture on the Day of Dhanvantari ten years ago:

'Today Vedic Pandits from India have thrilled the atmosphere—the world's atmosphere has been reverberating in this quality of invincibility, in the quality of infinity, eternity, in the quality of constancy in the midst of change. Very successful performance of the Vedic Pandits today—they have been reciting all those beautiful values of different aspects of health. And we are here in Holland—we have been defining health as wholeness, and we have been feeling Holland as the land of wholeness. And today the spirit of Holland has been awakened by the Vedic Recitations from India on the day of this Dhavantari celebration.

'One day in the year dedicated to perfect health, immortality, invincibility, to bliss consciousness—this is the offer of today from the eternal Vedic Tradition of India by the Vedic Pandits. This is the gift of the eternal Tradition of Vedic Masters, the eternal tradition of Total Knowledge. It is a great day for us who have been ringing the bell of invincibility to the individual consciousness for the last fifty years in our lifetime.

'And the tradition, the Vedic Tradition, has been blessing mankind in every generation. Generation after generation of mankind has been blessed by the quality of Unity Consciousness, Unity Consciousness in the midst of all the various diverse qualities of consciousness. So much of variety in creation—through all the variety in the world the reality of Unity is always shining, is always dominating.

'Diversity is like the innumerable rays, innumerable rays emerging from the same one sun. ''Unity'' stands for the ''sun'', ''diversity'' for the ''rays of the sun''. There is a meeting point of all the diverse rays with their source in the sun; and today has been the celebration of that meeting point of all the diverse values at their source, unified state, the Constitution of the Universe, the Laws of Nature responsible for projecting, promoting, diversity in different aspects of the Unity.

'So today was the day for the world to have renewed vitality in terms of the language of health. Dhanvantari is the creative intelligence in the Cosmic Reality, upholding all that we know as health—different, different aspects of health all in a unified state.'

On this day in 2004, Maharishi also spoke on Transcendental Meditation as the key to perfect health and world peace:

'In this scientific age we are in possession of Total Knowledge and therefore our effort now is that which we think has been the target of all our fifty years of teaching Transcendental Meditation throughout the world. Our efforts on the individual level of many people experiencing that, and systematically derived theory of diversity emerging from Unity and diversity converging into Unity. There are hundreds of teachers of this knowledge in all the countries and now we will have, we will have a drive better and more effective than ever for a candlelight of this Total Knowledge lit up in every home everywhere.

'A home is the unit of a nation; individual is the unit of a nation. Just a few individuals—groups of eight thousand we all know. Now will be the drive to have the 8,000 groups* almost in every country—8,000 is nothing when millions, so many million people live in every country. It's a matter of our generosity towards our people who are living by the side of us. . . .

'We want everyone in our world family to be happy, healthy, prosperous, without suffering, without problems. We want every government in our world to enjoy invincibility, and this is our joy to offer to every government. It is our joy to offer to every section of society whatever they are, from 10, 12 years of age, 20 years, 30 years, 40, 50, 100, more than 100 years—every age group has to enjoy that bliss which is experienced at the junction point of the physiology and consciousness.

'The whole thing has been proven to be so simple, has been proven to be so effective, has had so much of scientific research to back up the claim, and therefore this day has come very naturally now today, and it came right from the basis of this knowledge. Total Knowledge is Vedic Knowledge, and the Vedas are preserved by the Vedic Traditions in India. We'll see that every country is connected with the Vedic Pandits in India, and Vedic Pandits have their own way of emitting the influence. They are like reflectors, lighted somewhere, but if we want the light to go in another direction, we can use a reflector, and the light will go in that direction. We use a reflector, and so Vedic Pandits have that technique of providing a reflector, and that is called a Sankalpa. Sankalpa is a system of resolving, a system of resolving, a method, a technology to resolve: what we want to accomplish through this work that we are doing, when we want to accomplish the affect of this that we are doing.

'So the methodology has its own techniques in order to divert the desired effect from the action, from the Vedic recitation from the Vedic performances. They have those reflectors. And fortunately we are to be blessed by Guru Dev, the custodian of the Vedic Tradition of Masters, and today, one day of the year, celebration of Dhanvantari Day in the context of Deepavali. Deepavali is the time when in the deep dark of the night, no place is without light. This is Vedic tradition. One lights one lamp, and passes on the lamp to one's neighbour here and there inside the house, and that house and that house and next village and next village. The light travels through the whole deep, dark night of Deepavali, and that is there in two days. But today, the celebration started today.

'And the Pandits through their performances have today disclosed so many techniques. They have disclosed so many techniques. One of the techniques, just to talk about it: reflector. The light is there, but if we want that light to go in this direction, put a reflector here, put a reflector here. What is the reflector with the Pandits? Their own thought, their own resolution. Such a simple system of diverting something which is spread cosmically. You know, when you speak a word, it's in all directions, in all directions. But there is a way of resolving that what I say has to go in this direction, has to hit this target, has to achieve this objective. The Sankalpa is a system of thinking where you want your target to hit. This is a section of knowledge which is called Dhanur-Veda. It is called Dhanur-Veda. Dhanur-Veda is the science of archery, and archery means you can hit a target in the North, and your arrow will shoot the North. If you put it in the East, the target will be hit in the East. If you want your target to be in South, you direct it to South, and the target will be hit in South.

'This I am expressing today, this I am expressing today, a very great secret of success of the Vedic words, Vedic system of using the Vedic Mantras, and this is how, this is how, I am repeating thousand times, you can also repeat with me, this is how we are going to win over the demonic trends in life. All these destructive forces rising here, rising here, rising here, rising here, and they are openly shouting to come back here, here, here, here. How we are going to win over them? Through the Vedic Technology of successfully diverting our arrows to neutralize the negative missiles that may be shot on us. This is called prevention, prevention oriented technology, and we say this is the technology of peace, technology of peace. We throw the arrows of peace, we throw the arrows of peace, we shoot the arrows of peace on the violent destructive forces in the world. Quietly and quietly this is our programme to bring invincibility to every nation.'

* Maharishi is referring to the scientific formula of large groups of people practising Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes, which have been shown through peer-reviewed, published research conducted in many countries to produce the Maharishi Effect of reduced violence, conflict, and war and increased coherence, harmony, and peace in the whole society.

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