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US: Seattle shelter focuses Native peoples experiencing homelessness
17 January 2020 - A new homeless shelter in Seattle is exclusively serving Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Islanders. It's one of the first facilities of its kind in the country helping to house the more than 1,000 Native people in the city experiencing homelessness. Eagle Village residents have community meetings, drum circles, and, come springtime, a new medicine garden. (more)

US: Florida to purchase 20,000 acres of Everglades wetlands to protect from oil drilling
16 January 2020 - Florida has reached a deal with a real estate company to acquire 20,000 acres of the Everglades that is slated for oil production in order to protect the wetlands, Florida's announced Wednesday [15 January]. Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, called it the largest wetland acquisition in a decade and said the purchase will permanently save these lands from oil drilling. (more)

Largest electric school bus program in United States launching in Virginia
14 January 2020 - Dominion Energy has partnered with local Virginia school districts to begin replacing diesel buses with 100 percent electric school buses in phases. (more)

US: 20 Utah communities committed to 100 percent renewable energy
14 January 2020 - A total of 20 Utah communities have committed to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, taking advantage of the Community Renewable Energy Act (HB411). 'We're thrilled to see so many Utah communities setting 100 percent renewable energy goals. HB411 promotes clean air, consumer choice, and a more predictable and resilient energy economy,' said Mayor Andy Beerman of Park City, the first Utah community to commit to 100 percent in the state. 'With nearly boundless solar potential, Utah is leading the way toward a clean and renewable future.' (more)

New US building codes will make every home ready for electric cars
12 January 2020 - In January, the International Code Council (ICC) approved changes to building standards that preview a world in which every home has at least one electric car. The building standards organization, which sets voluntary guidelines for new homes, voted to approve a new provision that, functionally, will make all new homes built in the US 'EV-ready.' (more)

US: Creating a buzz in Detroit's vacant lots
7 January 2020 - Across Detroit, unused space is being used for urban gardening, farms and, increasingly, bees. As bees decline around the world, urban entrepreneurs like Timothy Paule Jackson, formerly a self-employed entrepreneur in commercial photography and advertising, are trying to fill the void. Detroit Hives is one of the city's two major beekeeping nonprofits, combining to operate nearly 200 hives in the metro area. (more)

US: Kauai utility hits mark of supplying island with 100 percent renewable energy
7 January 2020 - While Hawaii is moving towards a goal of 100 percent renewables by 2045, the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative is already accomplishing that on a smaller scale. KIUC claims that for five hours one day last month, all electricity on Kauai -- which provides power to a population of about 100,000, including visitors -- was generated 100 percent by renewable resources. (more)

US: Youngstown, Ohio banks on becoming hub for electric vehicles
3 January 2020 - The long-struggling Rust Belt community of Youngstown, Ohio, which was stung by the loss of the massive General Motors Lordstown plant this year, wants to become a research and production hub for electric vehicles. Economic development leaders point out that the Youngstown area already is home to a electric battery testing lab and business incubators that are focused on energy and additive manufacturing through 3-D printing. Youngstown State University is breaking ground on an advanced manufacturing technology center and wants to play a part in training students to work in the electric vehicle industry. (more)

US: The minds behind Louisville, Kentucky's riverfront revival
1 January 2020 - Riding a wave of riverfront revitalization occurring across the United States, Louisville, Kentucky's Waterfront Development Corporation transformed 86 acres into a riverfront park that now boasts 2.2 million visitors annually. Waterfront Park features a walking bridge, paths, grassy fields, playgrounds, and a wharf. The park and its lawns serve dual roles. When the river is low, the park hosts more than 150 events a year including music festivals, air shows, and riverboat races. When it's high, the grassy lawns serve as floodplain, absorbing water and dissipating the river's energy. In that way, Waterfront Park was ahead of its time as cities begin to reconsider the ecological and economic impacts of developing riverfronts prone to flooding. (more)

Exercising lowers the risk of 7 types of cancer, study suggests
27 December 2019 - Hitting the recommended levels of exercise could lower the risk of developing seven forms of cancer, according to a study. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

'My only regret is that I didn't find this practice twenty years ago'
5 January 2020 - 'All of the data and studies supporting Transcendental Meditation as a powerful tool for self-healing were very intriguing to me,' reports a corporate technology executive in California. 'I couldn't believe such a small modification to my day could create such an amazing result .... Just a month after beginning my twice-a-day practice, I've noticed a significant change in myself. My brain is ultra-creative, I'm a lot calmer than I've ever been in my entire life, and all the non-stop spinning and noise that used to plague me has been replaced with an inner stillness and appreciation for myself.... For the first time in a very long time, I feel at peace, and the future is very, very bright.' (more)

New Year's resolutions 101: Transcendental Meditation is your best self-care strategy
1 January 2020 - About 45 per cent of Americans say they make New Year's resolutions, but fewer than 10 per cent fulfil their goals. Why is it so difficult to live up to our resolutions? Probably it's because - if they were easy and realistic - we would have accomplished them already. Self-care strategies amount to the majority of resolutions. Practising Transcendental Meditation measurably improves health and balance in the mind, body, and emotions. Decades of scientific validation show benefits from the TM practice that support the successful attainment of many of our resolutions. With TM you can welcome the new year with confidence. Meditate, put your best foot forward and enjoy. (more)

TM prevents abnormal enlargement of the heart, reduces chronic heart failure - new study published
28 December 2019 - A randomized controlled study recently published in Ethnicity and Disease in their Autumn 2019 Hypertension issue found that the Transcendental Meditation technique helps to prevent abnormal enlargement of the heart compared to health education controls. Also known as left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), it can lead to chronic heart failure and death, and is especially prevalent among African Americans. This trial tested the effects of stress-reducing TM to prevent LVH in this high-risk population. After six months, the control group showed nearly 10% progression of abnormal heart enlargement while the TM group maintained their baseline level of heart size. The findings suggest that TM practice is an effective nondrug method for preventing heart enlargement in African American hypertensives who are especially at high risk of developing associated cardiovascular disease. (more)

Maharishi International University graduate is CEO of billion-dollar gaming company
20 December 2019 - Andy Zhong, a graduate of the MS in Computer Science programme at Maharishi International University, began his career at Bell Laboratories in 2005. He says MIU ComPro was very helpful in landing him a job at a top Silicon Valley company, as engineering director and lead product manager developing popular Facebook games. Andy later became co-founder and CEO of the billion-dollar gaming company FunPlus, which has created such games as Facebook's Family Farm and Happy Acres, and launched bestselling multiplayer mobile strategy games. 'Transcendental Meditation has become a powerful tool to help me become more focused and live in the present,' he says. 'It also gives me the ability to inquire deeply and guide my curiosity to explore.' (more)

New research on Transcendental Meditation and PTSD gives hope to female veterans: 'I feel at peace with myself'
15 December 2019 - Studies have shown the effects of Transcendental Meditation in reducing PTSD symptoms, including decreased stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Now important new research published in Lancet Psychology has found TM comparable in reducing PTSD and depression to Prolonged Exposure - a 'gold-standard' trauma-focused therapy widely used in the US Veterans Administration healthcare system. US army veteran Fei Fei Chen served in a combat zone with a military police unit, facing 'a heavy level of contact', then struggled with severe PTSD for 10 years. From her first week practising TM, however, 'I felt a calming in my anxiety level .... I become so calm and centred and that stays with me when I interact with people throughout the day. Nothing really stresses me out .... I feel at peace with myself.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management becomes Maharishi International University
11 December 2019 - Today it was announced that Maharishi University of Management has been renamed Maharishi International University. The announcement was made by Dr. John Hagelin, president of the university. The name change is actually a return to the university's original name: the school was founded in 1971 with the name Maharishi International University. Twenty-five years later, the name was changed to Maharishi University of Management, to reflect that the university offered BA, MBA and PhD programmes, and was dedicated to being a preeminent place of learning for the enlightened leaders of tomorrow. Now, approaching the university's fiftieth anniversary, the board of trustees determined that the original name is most apt, as the university truly embodies the word 'international' - reflecting its diverse student body and growing global presence. (more)

Today and Thursday - 'Vedic City Planning': Live webinar by Maharishi Vastu Architecture, 10 and 12 December
10 December 2019 - This month's webinar begins a series on Vedic City Planning. This first in the series will provide a glimpse into the features and conditions that create a city, town, or community according to principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture and planning. Jon Lipman, AIA, US National Director of Maharishi Vastu Architecture, will lead the discussion. The programme includes an 11-minute video with international director Dr Eike Hartmann showcasing plans for relocation of a capital city that were created by the recent Vastu Architects' Training course. Several of the newly certified Vastu architects from around the world will share their comments and experiences and answer questions. (more)

Live on Facebook - 'Maharishi AyurVeda: Your Cure is Within You' - Dr Tony Nader, Sunday 8 December
7 December 2019 - The Ayurvedic approach to health, or more specifically, Maharishi AyurVeda, highlights the central importance of the mind-body relationship for health and wellness, and attunes individual life with the cycles of nature. Dr Tony Nader, in his medical and scientific career, was able to work with and learn from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was instrumental in reviving the Vedic science of health, Ayurveda, with the development of consciousness at its core. In this Sunday's Facebook Live event, learn more about how consciousness, body type, diet, routine, and seasons influence you on every level, and how, through Maharishi AyurVeda, better health can be achieved. (more)

Transcendental Meditation with cardiac rehabilitation increases blood flow to the heart: New study published
5 December 2019 - A study published today in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology reported that patients with coronary heart disease who included Transcendental Meditation (TM) with their cardiac rehabilitation regime increased blood flow to the heart by more than 20%. The study was conducted, with and without meditation, by scientists from Columbia University Irving Medical Center (New York) and the Institute for Prevention Research. 'This was the first study to show that the cardiovascular benefits of lifestyle modification such as structured exercise and dietary counseling may be enhanced by adding Transcendental Meditation in patients with heart disease,' said Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, study co-director and the Institute's medical director. The study was also the first to use positron emission tomography (PET) to measure the effect of mind-body lifestyle modification on cardiac function. (more)

Transcendental Meditation is 'the main tool in my self-care tool kit'
1 December 2019 - When deadlines loom, when your kids are fighting, when your best friend moves away - anyone can feel stressed. Yet some women have figured out how to push the happy button instead of the freak-out alarm. They say it's just a matter of keeping the right tools in your self-care tool kit. Find out why these 12 dynamic women practise the Transcendental Meditation technique as the ultimate self-care strategy to stay calm and focused - at home and on the job - and how it has profoundly enhanced their well-being, relationships, personal and professional lives. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Vaping industry offers academic scholarships to high school kids
9 January 2020 - Even as makers of e-cigarettes insist they are not marketing to U.S. youth, others in the vaping industry are offering academic scholarships targeted to high school kids, a new study finds. ... 'Having youth write essays about the positive benefits of vaping at the same time as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has increased age restrictions to 21 shows a disconnect between the industries trying to increase vaping use and the policy makers trying to decrease such use among youth,' [coauthor Dr. Adam Goldstein, director of tobacco intervention programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] told Reuters Health. (more)

Mental health declining among older U.S. adults, poor hardest hit
8 January 2020 - Many older Americans have experienced more days of poor mental health in recent years, particularly individuals with limited income and education, a U.S. study suggests. While previous research has documented recent declines in mental and physical health and increases in mortality rates among adults in their prime working years, the trends for older adults and retirees haven't been as clear, [lead researcher David Rehkopf of Stanford University School of Medicine in California] and colleagues write. (more)

US: Teen drinking, drug use tied to other risky behaviors
8 January 2020 - Teens who binge drink or abuse prescription opioids may be more likely to engage in other risky behaviors, too, two new studies suggest. ... In addition, prescription opioid misuse was tied to more than six times the odds of drunk driving. (more)

US: Auto plant closures tied to surge in opioid overdose deaths
31 December 2019 - Opioid overdose deaths have spiked in the wake of automotive assembly plant closures across the U.S. South and Midwest, a new study suggests. Plant closures were associated with an 85 percent surge in opioid overdose mortality rates among working-age adults five years later, compared with what would have been expected if these factories had remained open, researchers report in JAMA Internal Medicine. (more)

'How many more people have to die?': What a closed rural hospital tells us about US healthcare
27 December 2019 - When Missouri's Twin Rivers medical center closed, executives claimed it was a 'consolidation' with a new facility -- but residents say it points to a healthcare crisis. ... Kennett is not alone in losing its medical care. More than 160 rural hospitals and clinics have closed across the US since 2005 mostly under financial pressure. Hundreds more are at risk, including 14 in Missouri considered essential to the communities they serve. (more)

Alaska set to finish 2019 with record warm year
26 December 2019 - Alaska is set to finish 2019 with a record average high temperature after a year of extremes ranging from a sweltering summer and rampant wildfires to vanishing sea ice and winter rains where heavy snows were once the norm. Wildlife also suffered from the state's chaotic weather, with mass die-offs of seabirds and marine mammals struggling to cope with ecological upheaval. (more)

US: Vaping is taking off among younger children and 'tweens'
24 December 2019 - The proportion of e-cigarette users in the United States who started vaping by age 14 has more than tripled in the past five years, a recent study suggests. (more)

Study estimates that half of US adults will be obese by 2030
18 December 2019 - Nearly half of American adults will be obese within a decade and one-quarter will be severely so, a new report predicts. Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other health problems. It's gauged by body mass index, or BMI, a measure of weight relative to height. ... It may seem like a contradiction, but often people who can least afford food weigh the most. Severe obesity will be the most common weight category in 44 states where average annual household income is under $20,000, but in only one state where income is over $50,000. (more)

US: Teen marijuana vaping soars, displacing other habits
18 December 2019 - Teenagers are drinking less alcohol, smoking fewer cigarettes, and trying fewer hard drugs, new federal survey data shows. But these public health gains have been offset by a sharp increase in vaping of marijuana and nicotine. ... Most troubling to public health experts in this year's report were sharp increases in marijuana vaping. Of 12th graders surveyed, 14 percent said they had vaped marijuana in the last month, nearly double the 7.5 percent reported a year ago. (more)

Human exposure to BPA may be greater than previously thought
17 December 2019 - Humans may be exposed to higher than expected levels of bispehnol A (BPA), a toxic chemical thought to interfere with hormones involved in normal growth and development, according to a study using a new method for measuring the chemical in people. ... BPA can be found in a wide range of plastics, including food and drink containers, and animal studies have shown that it can interfere with the body's hormones. In particular, fetal exposure to BPA has been linked to problems with growth, metabolism, behavior, fertility, and even greater cancer risk. (more)


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