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Remote Togo village transformed by solar power
20 May 2019 - Abla Ogodo used to walk 10 kilometres to fetch water for her family. Now that a new well in her own village runs on solar power, she does not have to go anywhere. A UK-based power company called BBOXX, in partnership with France's EDF Group, has launched a program to power the entire village of Sikpe-Afidegnon with energy from the sun. (more)

Togo subsidises off-grid solar to extend electricity access to all
1 March 2019 - Togo began offering subsidies to its citizens to cover the cost of off-grid solar power systems on Friday (1 March) in a move that if replicated elsewhere in Africa, could help accelerate the adoption of the green technology across the energy-starved continent. (more)

Togo counts more than 36,000 organic farmers FIBL
26 February 2019 - In Togo, there are more than 36,000 organic farmers, according to the latest survey of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) on global organic production. This figure represents about 4.83 percent of all African farmers operating in this field. Demand for organic products has been growing substantially in the past years. In Togo for example, the organic soy market is potentially worth nine billion CFA, for the 2018-2019 season alone. (more)

Togo charity wins award for improving access to safe drinking water
19 February 2018 - An African charity that improved access to drinking water and sanitation and reduced the chance of cholera deaths in a village in Togo was on Monday (19 February) awarded the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize. The award is granted every three years for outstanding grassroots projects to solve water issues in developing nations. (more)

Thailand raising the minimum wage nationwide
7 January 2013 - The daily minimum wage was increased to 300 baht in the remaining 70 provinces on 1 January 2013, after having the policy in place since 1 April 2012 in seven pilot provinces, namely Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, and Phuket. Speaking in the weekly program 'Yingluck Government Meets the People' on 5 January 2013, Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsub explained that the nationwide minimum wage hike to 300 baht would boost the purchasing power in the country. At the same time, workers would become happier, since they could opt to work near their hometown, instead of leaving their families to work elsewhere for higher wages. (more)

Togo aims to grow 80,000 tonnes of cotton this year
20 June 2011 - Togo's main cotton grower's association said on Monday it expects nationwide production to hit 80,000 tonnes during the 2011-12 season, up from 46,800 tonnes in the 2010-11 season that just ended. The boost in output of raw cotton from the West African state will be due largely to an increase in the amount of land planted, according to a government official. (more)

Togo claims self-sufficiency as it turns on 100 MW power plant
15 October 2010 - Togo turned on a 100 Megawatt triple fuel power plant on Friday in a move the West African state said made it self sufficient in energy. The $192.4 million aid-funded plant was built by US-based ContourGlobal, will cover Togo's 80-85 MW energy needs and could mean it will become a net energy exporter, Energy and Mines Minister Dammipi Noupokou said. The triple fuel technology means the plant can switch between natural gas, heavy fuel oil, and diesel. (more)

Togo's government and opposition sign truce
27 March 2010 - A security official says that Togo's government and the opposition coalition have signed a temporary truce committing both sides to peace, law, and order following opposition protests against Presidential election results. Colonel Damehane Yark, spokesman for a special election commando unit, says representatives met late Friday. He says the opposition has also agreed to cancel a demonstration planned for Saturday. (more)

Togo gets $36 million for trans-Africa highway
11 February 2010 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has given Togo a $36.2 million grant to upgrade its section of a road running across West Africa, the AfDB said on Thursday. The work will complete a missing link in the Abidjan-Lagos highway, a project co-financed by the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, and two regional development banks, the Tunis-based AfDB said in a statement. (more)

New West Africa airline to launch in January
3 December 2009 - A new airline serving West Africa will begin scheduled flights from the Togolese capital Lome from the middle of next month, officials at the newly launched ASKY airlines said on Thursday. ASKY, which has so far acquired two Boeing 737 planes, will initially fly to Cotonou, Abidjan, and Ouagadougou, but officials said they planned to expand both the fleet and routes quickly to cover more west African and eventually global destinations. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Togo: Programmes presented to raise the quality of life of the nation
4 March 2012 - Government leaders in Togo recently heard compelling presentations on how scientifically verified programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in health care, education, justice, and rehabilitation can help citizens rise out of poverty and conflict while promoting social coherence, invincible peace and progress, and problem-free administration for the nation as a whole. (more)

Africa: Consciousness-Based Education expanding at school in Togo
17 February 2012 - At a school in Lome, the capital city of the West African country of Togo, 30 per cent of the students and faculty practise Transcendental Meditation. During a recent meeting at the school with Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management, the principal announced that he would like to offer all the students and faculty the opportunity to participate in the programme. (more)

Togo: Government leaders learn of Maharishi's programmes for reduced crime, effective rehabilitation
17 February 2012 - During his recent visit to Togo in West Africa, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, presented to a government leader in the area of justice the successful, scientifically validated programmes developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for reduction of crime and rehabilitation of prisoners. One especially important initiative took place in Senegal between 1987 and 1989, when 12,000 prison inmates were instructed in the Transcendental Meditation Programme. (more)

Consciousness-Based Education tour stirs great interest in Togo
18 November 2010 - Students, teachers, parents, and government leaders in Togo were inspired by the wide-ranging benefits of Consciousness-Based Education during a recent tour by international expert Dr Ashley Deans. (more)

Interest rising in Consciousness-Based Education in Togo
18 November 2010 - The recent eight-nation tour of Dr Ashley Deans, Global Ambassador for Consciousness-Based Education, created a wave of interest among schools and universities in Togo, in the benefits of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's programmes in the field of education. (more)

Uganda: Top academic performance at Maharishi School
15 June 2010 - Students at the Maharishi Secondary School in Uganda continuously demonstrate top academic performance and model behaviour, even though the school is not selective in accepting students. (more)

Togo: More people learning Transcendental Meditation
12 June 2010 - In Togo, a new Maharishi Invincibility Centre is stirring interest in the programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Rising numbers of people are learning the Transcendental Meditation Programme, and there is also increasing involvement among native people. (more)

Togo: Expansion of programmes in education, agriculture
11 June 2010 - The programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are expanding in Togo, particularly in the fields of Consciousness-Based Education and organic agriculture. (more)

Togo: Consciousness-Based Education conference draws media coverage, participants from many countries
10 June 2010 - An Education Leaders' Course for those wishing to make Consciousness-Based Education more widely available was recently held in Togo. The conference, which drew participants from Togo, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Cote D'Ivoire, resulted in extensive media coverage. (more)

Togo: School administrators begin Transcendental Meditation
17 December 2009 - In Togo, West Africa, a new Maharishi Invincibility Centre was recently inaugurated, offering the Transcendental Meditation Programme, and a school has begun to adopt Consciousness-Based Education. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Togo refugees: On the run for 10 years, no peace in sight
18 August 2015 - Asylum seekers who fled political violence in Togo 10 years ago are now seeking refuge in Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital. They crossed from Benin in July after authorities demolished the Agame refugee camp where they lived for a decade. The refugees were told to integrate into Benin or return home, said The U.N. refugee agency. Only 28 returned to Togo in 2014 from more than 9,000 refugees in Benin and other countries, said the agency's website. Those in Nigeria fear returning. (more)

Togo police fire tear gas as thousands protest
13 June 2012 - Togolese security forces fired tear gas to disperse thousands of people protesting on Wednesday against proposed changes to parliament and voting rules ahead of a legislative poll later this year, a Reuters witness said. The protest was the second in three days of demonstrations called by the opposition-led 'Save Togo' campaign seeking to reverse laws adopted by the ruling party-dominated parliament last month. The opposition wants constituencies redrawn to address imbalances it says favour the ruling party and is challenging a move to increase from 81 to 91 the number of seats in parliament. Togo's President Faure Gnassingbe came to power in flawed and violent 2005 elections following the death of his father. (more)

3,200 flee ethnic strife in Ghana, cross into Togo
27 May 2010 - A UN official says several thousand Ghanaians fleeing ethnic strife have crossed into Togo in recent days. Francis Kpatinde, regional spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, says the Togolese government is supplying refugees with tents, food, and medicine. The UN Refugee agency is also on the ground in northern Togo's Tangjouare prefecture, awaiting truckloads of tents, mosquito nets, and food. Kpatinde said Wednesday that in roughly the last 10 days, more than 3,200 refugees from Kombatiek and Nadongou villages had crossed the border. He said the local population was struggling to cope with the influx. (more)

At least 150 said killed in Togo violence
19 July 2005 - Togo security forces and allied militia fighters have killed at least 150 people since April elections, Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday. (more)

Togo presidential crisis fuels fear of war
5 May 2005 - With Togo's presidency being claimed both by an official election winner who has the support of his late father's military and a loser with thousands of young people willing to fight, many fear this tiny West African nation is on the brink of self-destruction. One political analyst said, 'The infrastructure for civil war in Togo is already in place.' (more)

German cultural centre in Togo torched
30 April 2005 - Black-clad, masked assailants torched a German cultural centre Friday in Togo's latest post-election violence, but the declared winner of the contested presidential vote vowed he would not allow the country to slip into civil war. (more)

Togo: Late dictator's son wins presidency, sparks violence
27 April 2005 - The son of Togo's late dictator won a resounding victory in a presidential election, sending enraged opposition supporters into the streets Tuesday, causing clashes that left more than 100 people injured. (more)

Togo officials condemn African sanctions
21 February 2005 - Increasingly isolated Togolese officials condemned the imposition of African sanctions on the government Sunday. The Economic Community of West African States, or ECOWAS, announced the sanctions - suspending Togo from the bloc's activities, imposing a travel ban on Togo's leaders, recalling West African ambassadors from Togo, and imposing an arms embargo. (more)

Strike shuts down Togo market, businesses
8 February 2005 - A strike shut down the main market and other businesses in the capital Tuesday, a day after the son of Togo's longtime leader was sworn in as his successor in a move criticized by other nations as unconstitutional. (more)

Togo parliament amends constitution
7 February 2005 - Within hours of the announcement of the death of Togo's President, Gnassingbe Eyadema, the military named his son president. The parliament hastily amended the constitution to put a legal veneer on the military's appointment and secure it until 2008. This move is being denounced by the 53-nation African Union and others as a military coup d'etat. (more)


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