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The rare African park where elephants are thriving
31 January 2017 - Poaching has ravaged Africa's elephants, largely to feed the appetite for ivory in China and elsewhere in Asia. In 2002 Chad's Zakouma National Park was home to more than 4,000 elephants, but by 2010 that figure had plummeted to a mere 400 - a 90 percent drop. Experts predicted that Zakouma's remaining elephants would be gone within two or three years. Desperate for a solution, in 2010 the Chadian government called in African Parks, a South Africa-based nonprofit that specializes in rehabilitating failing protected areas around the continent. Rian and Lorna Labuschagne, who took over management of the park, have turned things around. Under their watch poaching has been dramatically reduced, and the elephant population is growing for the first time in years. Zakouma is now home to more than 500 elephants, believed to be the largest remaining herd in Africa. (more)

Plastic bag ban in Chad's capital city is popular
24 November 2010 - N'djamena is a rarity in the region -- the trees lining the Chad capital are not scarred by plastic bags. Since taking office the city's new mayor began enforcing a 1992 law prohibiting the importation of plastic bags. Residents said they appreciate the new enforecement, and the ban is also financially advantageous to vendors. The mayor said other cities were beginning to apply the law. (more)

Chad: X-raying the desert for water
3 June 2010 - Geologists are using technology known as magnetic resonance sounding (MRS) to take 'x-rays' of the ground to find new water sources in eastern Chad, where more than 300,000 refugees from neighbouring countries have arrived in recent years. France-based IRIS Instruments manufactures the equipment and has trained experts working in Chad to use this technology to find water. 'This [magnetic resonance sounding] is direct prospecting, whereas with other geophysical studies we get indirect signs on whether or not there is water. Here, a sign of water means there is water, which means less unnecessary drilling,' said Pierre Michel Vincent, a hydrologist who recently worked with the Ministry of Water and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Chad. (more)

Chad's President Deby visits Khartoum for talks to end proxy wars
8 February 2010 - Chadian President Idriss Deby on Monday began a rare visit to Sudan, part of a rapprochement aimed at ending a proxy war between the two African neighbours. Sudan analysts say Darfur peace talks cannot succeed without a solution to the tense relations between Chad and Sudan. 'There will be serious discussions aimed at achieving a lasting solution to (these) issues,' Sudanese Foreign Minister Deng Alor told reporters on Deby's arrival in Khartoum. (more)

African Union optimistic on Chad-Sudan relations after talks
18 May 2008 - The new head of the African Union said on Sunday he was optimistic tensions between Chad and Sudan would ease, after holding talks in both countries. (more)

Chad, Sudan agree to end cross-border attacks
13 March 2008 - Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Chadian President Idriss Deby signed a peace agreement on Thursday designed to end cross-border rebel attacks in a region which includes Sudan's conflict-ravaged Darfur area. The signing also aims to revive a string of past pacts that have failed to end fighting on both sides of the Chad-Sudan border. The two oil-producing countries agreed to 'normalize relations' and put a 'definitive end' to their differences. (more)

Sudan-Chad: Another new peace agreement
11 March 2008 - Chad and Sudan have signed numerous peace agreements pledging to stop supporting rebels in the past. They have not held, but a new agreement brokered by Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade is scheduled to be signed at the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) summit in Dakar on 12 March. Human right groups groups are encouraged that the OIC is for the first time getting involved. (more)

Spain gives 1 million euros to help Chad's children
15 January 2008 - Spain is donating one million euros ($1.5 million) to help needy children in Chad, officials said on Tuesday. In all, 50,000 children in eastern and southern Chad are expected to benefit from Madrid's donation. (more)

Chad says government has signed definitive peace with rebel groups
25 October 2007 - Chad's government and four Sudan-based Chadian rebel groups signed a 'definitive peace accord' in Libya on Thursday, a Chadian Presidency official said. The accord foresees an immediate ceasefire. (more)

Chad rebels, government initial peace accord
3 October 2007 - Four Chadian rebel groups initialled a peace agreement with the government on Wednesday at talks in Libya, a Chadian official said. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Extremist attacks displace thousands from Chad islands
8 December 2015 - Attacks by Nigeria's Islamic extremist group on islands of Lake Chad are displacing thousands forced to give up their livelihoods and flee the insecurity, said the Chad director of the United Nations food agency. 'The situation is worsening. The attacks are more frequent, and the impact on the community is severe,' said World Food Program Chad director Mary-Ellen McGroarty. The Lake Chad region, which straddles the borders of Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria, has been regularly targeted by the extremists. (more)

Triple suicide bombings in Chad kill at least 15
5 December 2015 - A triple suicide bombing Saturday at a market on an island in Lake Chad killed at least 15 people and injured 130, Chad's government said. A top police official blamed the carnage on Nigeria's Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. The three explosions on Koulfoua were carried out by females, said Chad police spokesman Paul Manga. The Lake Chad region, which straddles the borders of Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria, has been regularly targeted by the extremists. (more)

Lake Chad's Baga Sola town hit by suicide bombers
10 October 2015 - Suicide bombers have attacked a fish market and refugee camp in the town of Baga Sola in western Chad, killing more than 30 people, officials say. More than 50 people are being treated at the hospital in the town, which is on the shores of Lake Chad. The camp on the town's outskirts is home to tens of thousands of Nigerians who have fled Boko Haram attacks. (more)

Suicide bombings hit Chad's capital, kill 11, witnesses say
29 June 2015 - Two suicide bombings rocked Chad's capital, killing at least 11 people weeks after suicide bombings killed dozens, an official said Monday. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack but suspicion fell on Boko Haram, the Islamic militant group based in neighboring Nigeria that has already attacked Chadian villages along the lake dividing the two countries. (more)

Lack of food stunts Chad children, damages minds
15 December 2012 - In Chad, 51.9 per cent of children are stunted, one of the highest rates in the world, according to a survey published by UNICEF. Up to two in five children across the African continent are stunted, researchers estimate, which means that they fall short physically and, even more devastating, mentally. It's a slowdown that creeps across a community, cutting down the human capital, leaving behind a generation of people unable to attain their potential. Stunting is the result of having either too few calories, or too little variety in the types of calories consumed, or both. When a child doesn't receive enough calories, the body prioritizes the needs of vital organs over growth. What this does to the brain is dramatic. A 2007 medical study in Spain compared the CAT scan of a normal 3-year-old child and that of a severely malnourished one. The circumference of the healthy brain is almost twice as large. Presented side by side, it's like looking at a cantaloupe sitting next to a softball. This delay in the maturation of the nervous system imposes a stunning price on society. The World Bank estimates that individuals stunted as children lose more than 10 per cent of lifetime earnings. The lasting damage that this causes inches across a community, leaving behind a population that struggles with the most basic of tasks. (more)

Chad: Darfur's forgotten refugees
10 August 2012 - Ten years after fleeing violence in the Sudanese region of Darfur, Abdulla Juma Abubakr has no intention of returning home. After leaving the West Darfur town of El-Geneina in 2002, he first spent two years in a border camp inside Sudan, before moving on to Djabal, a refugee camp in eastern Chad's Goz-Beida region. 'From what I saw when we left, the way people were killed, mosques burnt... I can't imagine going back,' Abubakr, a refugee leader at the camp, told IRIN. 'I know that other people are going back but I can't go back. I still have some family members in Darfur but I can't be sure of my security if I return.' Many of the camp's 18,000 refugees, most of them from Darfur, are also reluctant to return home. 'The Darfur refugees have put many conditions towards return -- security and recovery of property and land and other things,' Aminata Gueye, the representative of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Chad, told IRIN. Every week, some of the refugees go home and then return, Saudi Hassan, the head of the Goz Beida office of the national commission dealing with IDPs and refugees (CNARR), told IRIN. 'They have real-time information; around 95 percent of them do not want to go back. They say that their land has been occupied by unknown persons, there lacks infrastructure in the original homes compared to the refugee camps, there are still some IDP sites in Darfur, and they ask, ''how can we then go back home?''' (more)

Chad threatens to cut ties with Sudan, AU
10 May 2009 - Chad may cut ties with its neighbour Sudan and the African Union after the organization failed to solve the long-running dispute between the two oil-producing countries, President Idriss Deby said on Saturday. Chad halted an attempted rebel advance on the capital last week after fighting in the east, which it accused Sudan of stoking by sending armed groups over the border. The fighting, in which Chad said 225 rebels and 22 government soldiers were killed, threatens a peace deal Chad and Sudan signed in Doha last week in which they agreed to normalise relations and reject support for rebels hostile to either of them. (more)

Chad accuses Sudan of violating its airspace
13 July 2008 - Chad has accused neighbouring Sudan of violating its airspace by flying over a Chadian town on the border with Sudan's violence-torn Darfur, and said it will not tolerate any further violation of its territory. Relations between the oil-producing neighbours have long been tense, with each accusing the other of supporting insurgent groups. Rebel attacks across the border in both directions over the last two months have brought them close to war. (more)

Chad rebels say President Deby rejects dialogue
22 June 2008 - Chadian rebels accused President Idriss Deby on Sunday of rejecting their calls for genuine dialogue and said this left them no choice but to maintain their military campaign to overthrow him. The rebels, who despite frequent internal splits have fought for more than two years to overthrow President Deby, demand that he open a national dialogue with his armed and civilian opponents to discuss a transition to fresh elections. They say Deby's rule since he seized power in a 1990 revolt from the east has unfairly favoured his family and Zaghawa tribal clan over other groups in the ethnically mixed country. (more)

Irish troops patrol Chad town after rebel attack
15 June 2008 - Irish EU troops patrolled the eastern Chadian town of Goz-Beida and surrounding refugee camps on Sunday after insurgents attacked the town in their latest offensive against Chad's President Idriss Deby. Oil-producing Chad and Sudan accuse each other of backing insurgents who have attacked both capitals in recent months. (more)


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