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Extinct species of bird came back from the dead, scientists find
10 May 2019 - A previously extinct species of bird returned from the dead, reclaiming the island it previously lived on and re-evolving itself back into existence, scientists have said. The white-throated rail colonized the Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean and evolved to become flightless, before being completely wiped out when the island disappeared below the sea around 136,000 years ago. ... The extremely rare process is known as iterative evolution -- the repeated evolution of a species from the same ancestor at different times in history. (more)

Seychelles snail, thought extinct, found alive
8 September 2014 - A snail once thought to have been among the first species to go extinct because of climate change has reappeared in the wild. The Aldabra banded snail, declared extinct seven years ago, was rediscovered on 23 August in the Indian Ocean island nation of Seychelles. The mollusk, which is endemic to the Aldabra coral atoll -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- had not been seen on the islands since 1997, said the Seychelles Islands Foundation. (more)

Winds of change as Seychelles embraces green power
30 June 2013 - On two islands surrounded by deep turquoise water, the blades of eight wind turbines spin, providing a rare source of green energy for the port of Victoria, the Seychelles capital. The popular tourist archipelago far out in the Indian Ocean is almost entirely dependent on imported fossil fuels for power, but is now embracing renewable energy. (more)

Pride in Seychelles over reported royal honeymoon
11 May 2011 - With its sandy beaches, clear waters, and secluded hideaways, the Seychelles is a honeymoon destination fit for a future King -- and residents say they're proud Britain's Prince William and Kate are reportedly honeymooning there. The Seychelles are a string of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) off the eastern coast of Kenya. 'I am very happy that they are here on holiday, having a good time,' said Rene Vidod, a retired policeman. 'Everyone here is happy.' (more)

Seychelles to expand by more than 6 per cent in 2010: IMF
28 October 2010 - Seychelles is expected to grow by more than 6 per cent this year, thanks to a recovery in tourism and increased foreign direct investments, the International Monetary Fund said. 'The economy weathered the global economic crisis of 2009 well and has rapidly recovered this year on the back of a rebound in tourism, sizeable foreign direct investment, and a widespread pick-up in the domestic economy,' the fund said in a statement. (more)

Paris Club cancels second wave of Seychelles debt
27 July 2010 - The Paris Club of creditors has cancelled a second tranche of debt owed by Seychelles to help the Indian Ocean archipelago get its debt on a sustainable footing, Seychelles said on Tuesday. (more)

Mauritius, Seychelles tourism recovery continues
10 March 2010 - Tourist arrival numbers to Mauritius and Seychelles continued to improve through February. Visitor arrivals to Seychelles from 1 January to 7 March were up 14 per cent on the same period last year, official data showed on 10 March. Meanwhile, tourist arrivals to Mauritius during January and February were up 4.9 per cent on last year, with French visitors leading the rebound. (more)

Indian Ocean isles eye tourism rebound in 2010
21 January 2010 - The Indian Ocean's luxury island destinations see a tourism rebound in 2010. 'The visibility that we have for the first three or four months of 2010 is quite positive and encouraging. It seems people have started to travel more,' Patrice Legris, head of the Mauritius Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (AHRIM), told Reuters. Famed for the pristine environment of its coral atolls and forested granitic islands, a rebound in Seychelles' tourism is seen underpinning economic growth of 4 per cent this year. (more)

Seychelles sees return to growth
30 November 2009 - Seychelles finance minister Danny Faure laid out plans to support a return to growth in his budget speech on 30 November. 'Real GDP growth is projected to recover to 4 per cent in 2010 and to 5 per cent in 2011-12, while inflation is expected to remain in the low single digits,' the minister told Parliament. Africa analysts said the measures were a step in the right direction. 'This should help to put the fiscal finances on a sustainable footing,' Lisa Lewin, head of Sub-Saharan Africa at Business Monitor International told Reuters. (more)

Seychelles: 2007 growth more than 5 per cent
31 January 2008 - Seychelles' economic growth was more than 5 per cent in 2007. Tourism is a top currency earner for the Indian Ocean nation of 81,000 people who earn some of the highest incomes in Africa. The robust economic growth was supported by strong foreign direct investment, mainly in the tourism sector, an IMF report said. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

The Seychelles: Students, business people, public enjoy Transcendental Meditation
23 November 2009 - A beautiful archipelago north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a country exemplifying 'Unity in diversity', where people of many races, religions, and cultural traditions have been living together in peace for centuries, said Dr Alain and Dr Marie Courvoisier. The Courvoisiers are Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme from France, who recently spent time teaching the programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Seychelles. (more)

People of Seychelles enjoy Transcendental Meditation: 'More energy, clarity, and especially more happiness'
27 October 2009 - Dr Alain and Dr Marie Courvoisier, Teachers of Transcendental Meditation from France, recently returned from the Seychelles. While there, they were invited by a former government official to give introductory presentations on Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based Education to the general public, school teachers and directors, in businesses, and at the Ministry of Education. (more)

Students in Seychelles can help create national invincibility through learning Transcendental Meditation
17 May 2009 - Initiatives are moving ahead in Seychelles for the establishment of national invincibility, including meetings with governmental officials and educational leaders. Several schools in the island nation are interested in implementing Consciousness-Based Education programmes in which students would learn Transcendental Meditation. (more)


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