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Sudan lifts ban on opposition newspaper
1 February 2014 - A Sudanese official says the government has lifted a ban on an opposition newspaper, a week after Khartoum announced that it would hold a national dialogue to address freedom of expression. The ban's lifting comes a week after President Omar al-Bashir announced the dialogue. (more)

Sudan's Bashir pledges peace in first South Sudan visit since split
13 April 2013 - Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said on Friday he wanted peace and normal relations with South Sudan in his first visit there since it split off from his country in 2011 after decades of civil war. Diplomats hope Bashir's visit will help the two sides overcome deep mistrust and solve their remaining disputes over the ownership of Abyei and other contested border regions. (more)

Sudan's Bashir visits South Sudan for first time since split
12 April 2013 - Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir arrived in South Sudan on Friday for the first time since Africa's once-largest country split in 2011, raising cautious hopes the two adversaries may be edging toward establishing peaceful co-existence. The neighbours agreed in March to resume cross-border oil flows and take steps to defuse the tension that has plagued them since South Sudan's independence in July 2011 following a treaty which ended decades of civil war. (more)

Sudan leader to make first visit to South Sudan
11 April 2013 - A government official says Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will travel to South Sudan on Friday. The visit will be al-Bashir's first to South Sudan since the country peacefully broke away from Sudan in 2011. South Sudan government spokesman Barnaba Marial Benjamin said Thursday that the two heads of state want to prove to the world that the two countries plan to live peacefully together. Al-Bashir and South Sudan President Salva Kiir will discuss how to implement security agreements the two countries signed in September and the status of the contested region of Abyei. (more)

Sudan's President Bashir to make first visit to South Sudan since split
30 March 2013 - Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir will visit his long-time foe South Sudan for the first time since its independence next week, an official said on Friday, cementing new deals on oil and border security between the two countries. The African neighbours agreed this month to resume cross-border oil flows and defuse tensions that have plagued them since South Sudan seceded in July 2011 following an agreement which ended decades of civil war. (more)

UN envoy says Sudan and South Sudan withdrawing troops from demilitarized zone
24 March 2013 - The Governments of Sudan and South Sudan have begun withdrawing their troops from a safe demilitarized border zone, a United Nations envoy said on 22 March, as he briefed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the latest agreements between the two neighbours. Earlier this month, the countries signed an agreement concerning the establishment of a safe demilitarized border zone, the deployment of a joint border verification and monitoring mechanism, and the activation of agreed security-related mechanisms as of 10 March. (more)

Sudan, Darfur rebels sign ceasefire in Qatar-media
11 February 2013 - The Sudanese government signed a Qatar-sponsored ceasefire with a splinter Darfur rebel group, Sudanese and Qatari state media said, in an attempt to revive a stalled peace process to end a decade-long conflict. The deal was signed by a group that calls itself the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) but which is a tiny off-shoot of the main rebel group of that name. (more)

Sudan adds 10,000 bpd with new oilfield - state media
26 December 2012 - Sudan will boost its oil production by 10,000 barrels a day when the new Hadida field comes on stream this week in the west of the African country, state news agency SUNA said on Wednesday. Sudan, which lost three quarters of its oil output when South Sudan seceded from it in July 2011, is producing 120,000 bpd and plans to reach 150,000 bpd by year-end, its oil minister said in October.. (more)

Sudan, South Sudan peace deals include banking, monetary accord
29 September 2012 - Sudan and South Sudan, fleshing out the details of their new peace deals, have agreed to cooperate on banking and monetary policy, which could help boost trade after decades of civil war. The two countries, which came close to war in April, agreed on Thursday to improve border security and foster trade, crucially to restart oil exports from the South through northern pipelines. The two countries plan to set up a joint central bank committee to allow bank transfers and foster trade between them, according to an agreement published by the African Union late on Thursday. (more)

Sudan and South Sudan on the road of cooperation and peace
28 September 2012 - The Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan has released a statement saying that another milestone towards peace was achieved in Addis Ababa with the conclusion of the extensive negotiations that brought to bear a monumental agreement between Sudan and South Sudan. This is yet another clear testament that peace can indeed prevail, and an occasion which once again highlights the resolve and commitment of the two countries to peace and security. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

In Sudan, austerity and protest as economy crumbles
2 December 2016 - Inflation approaching 20 percent and government austerity have fuelled growing discontent and rare protests in Sudan in recent weeks. Protests have so far been small but, mindful of popular anger that swept away several Arab autocrats in 2011, the government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has been quick to silence media criticism over its handling of the crisis. Sudan's economic problems have been building since the south [now South Sudan] seceded in 2011, taking with it three-quarters of oil output, the main source of foreign currency and government income. (more)

Sudan could be arming South Sudan rebels, says report
18 October 2014 - Sudan's government plans to increase military assistance to rebels in South Sudan, which could prolong the south's civil war and return the region to a wider conflict, according to a leaked document. South Sudan -- which broke away from Sudan in 2011 after a peaceful vote for independence -- has had an internal conflict since last December between supporters of the government and former Vice President Riek Machar. Thousands have been killed and some 1.7 million people displaced. (more)

US accuses Sudan of deadly attacks on civilians
13 June 2014 - The United States on Thursday condemned recent attacks by the Sudanese government's Rapid Support Forces on civilians in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states, saying they have been deliberately targeting schools and hospitals. The statement from US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power came just days after a coalition of 45 organizations providing humanitarian aid or supporting peace efforts in Sudan wrote to the UN Security Council, African Union and Arab League demanding an end to attacks on civilians. 'Since April, not only have ground attacks on, and the shelling of, civilian populations increased, but the Government of Sudan has intensified its air campaign, dropping hundreds of barrel bombs and other ordinance on Sudanese towns and villages, deliberately targeting hospitals and schools,' Powell said. Power said the increased violence has displaced or severely affected about 1.2 million people. She said aid groups working in Sudan have accused the RSF of looting and destroying food and water supplies in areas recaptured by rebels. (more)

Dispute in Darfur leaves peacekeeper dead, three injured - UN confirms
24 May 2014 - Armed men in Sudan's western region have killed a Rwandan peacekeeper and injured three others resulting in condemnations from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and senior official Mohamed Ibn Chambas who is urging the Sudanese Government to bring those responsible to account. The peacekeepers were part of a UN-African Union mission (UNAMID) team attempting to mediate a tribal dispute between Fur people and Arab militia in a village in North Darfur. 'The Arab militia elements, nevertheless, became hostile towards UNAMID peacekeepers and started shooting at them,' the Mission said, at which point the peacekeepers returned fire. The three injured peacekeepers are in critical condition at an UNAMID hospital in Kabkabiya, west of El Fasher, the North Darfur state capital. A number of other people were also injured. (more)

Crimes against humanity by both sides in South Sudan conflict - UN
8 May 2014 - The United Nations accused both government and rebel forces in South Sudan on Thursday of committing crimes against humanity, including murder during almost five months of fighting that has left thousands of people dead. 'The consequences for the civilian population have been devastating. There have been attacks on hospitals, churches, mosques, and United Nations bases,' the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said in a human rights report. The 62-page report called for further investigations after finding reasonable grounds to believe both parties in the conflict had violated international human rights and humanitarian law. Violence erupted in the world's newest nation in December, between troops backing President Salva Kiir and soldiers loyal to his sacked deputy, Riek Machar. The fighting has exacerbated ethnic tensions between Kiir's Dinka tribe and Machar's Nuer tribe, and the United Nations has warned that it risks spiralling into genocide. (more)

Sudan: UN raises alarm over escalating violence in Darfur
28 March 2014 - United Nations and African Union officials sounded an alarm on Thursday over the worsening violence in Sudan's western Darfur region, which has led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people this year in the remote, conflict-torn territory. The expressions of concern came as a US activist group released an analysis of new satellite images that it said showed signs of devastation in an area of Darfur in which Khartoum-backed Janjaweed fighters were recently present. Joseph Mutaboba, deputy head of the joint UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur, known as UNAMID, and Ali Al-Za'tari, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, issued a joint statement that said it had become extremely difficult to deliver aid to the needy people of Darfur. (more)

Sudanese rebels tell world Sudan as bad as Syria
7 November 2013 - The main rebel alliance fighting Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir called on the world on Thursday to 'wake up' to the war, saying atrocities in Sudan were as bad as those in Syria. Sudan has suffered decades of conflict. Fighting has intensified in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states since South Sudan won independence in 2011, while international efforts have failed to bring peace to the westerly region of Darfur. Speaking in Paris on a rare lobbying visit to Europe, the president of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) accused Bashir of exploiting the world's preoccupation with wars such as those in Syria and Mali to try to crush the rebels and kill civilians through indiscriminate bombing and starvation. 'The crimes in Sudan are like Syria, but worse,' said Abdul Wahid Mohamed al Nur, one of the presidents of the Sudan Liberation Movement. 'Genocide is in Darfur, but elsewhere violence has increased as has the media blackout. It's no longer just Darfur but central Sudan and Blue Nile.' (more)

Sudan's Bashir orders stoppage of South Sudan's oil
9 June 2013 - Sudan's President ordered a stoppage of all South Sudan's oil exports from Sunday, accusing his neighbour of backing rebels on his territory, and bringing the foes back to the brink of confrontation after months of relative peace. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir urged youths to join the army and prepare for 'holy war'. He did not name the enemy but the head of Sudan's paramilitary forces said his men were ready to confront Khartoum's long-time opponent South Sudan. The order to shut pipelines carrying oil from landlocked South Sudan through Sudan to a port on the Red Sea -- the South's only route to market -- came just three months after the countries ended a bitter dispute over crude. It can be very costly to close the pipelines, which can become blocked if the waxy oil stops halfway. The Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian firms dominating the sector have been facing rising operating costs due to the shutdown since January 2012, oil sources say. (more)

Sudanese protesters stone government convoy after rebel attack
28 April 2013 - Residents of a provincial Sudanese city set government offices on fire and threw rocks at local officials on Sunday, accusing them of failing to protect them from a rebel attack the day before, witnesses said. Insurgents from Sudan's Darfur region stormed Um Rawaba in North Kordofan state on Saturday, witnesses said. State media said late in the evening authorities had regained control of the city, located some 500 km (300 miles) from Khartoum. On Sunday, 300 people gathered in the city centre to protest at a visit by North Kordofan Governor Mutassim Mirghani Zaki Uddi to inspect damage from the fighting in the state's second-largest city. An angry crowd set several government buildings on fire and threw stones at the cars of the governor and his entourage, three witnesses told Reuters. (more)

Sudan: Tribal fighting in Darfur leaves 60 dead
24 February 2013 - Renewed fighting between two Arab tribes over mining rights has left 60 people dead in the northern Darfur region, Sudan's state news agency said Sunday. The state news agency said fighting on Saturday was the worst since a cease-fire agreement was reached last month. The agency said fighting began when a group of armed tribesmen in vehicles and riding camels attacked the El-Sireaf area in North Darfur. Sudan's western region of Darfur has been afflicted by violence since 2003, when rebels took up arms against the central government in Khartoum. Fighting also periodically erupts between tribes in the area. (more)


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