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Macedonia: Riding bikes for health
25 March 2014 - Macedonian bike-lovers have decided to take things into their own hands and raise awareness about the bicycle culture in their country. NaTochak (On a bicycle) is an initiative which started in 2012 by youngsters who are completely aware of the many benefits of riding bikes, such as: health, environmental, and social benefits. They've gathered and established a non-formal group which aims to raise awareness about the bike as an urban means of transportation. (more)

Virtual pioneers: Macedonia schools to get wired
18 November 2009 - Once Macedonia's schools become properly wired, each child will have access to computers powered by technology from Silicon Valley company NComputing Inc. The companies involved in creating the computer set up say groups of screens and keyboards linked to individual machines lower costs, ease maintenance, and save on energy. An option that connects 11 students to one computer requires 1 watt of energy per user, compared with more than 100 watts for an ordinary computer, NComputing says. (more)

Macedonians plant six million trees in single day
19 November 2008 - Thousands of Macedonians took to the hills and forests on Wednesday to plant six million trees in a single day as part of a mass reforestation drive in the Balkan country. The main aim of the campaign was to replant Macedonia's forests after extensive wild fires over the past two summers. 'Our goal is to make Macedonia ''greener'' and make people more aware of the needs of this planet,' said Macedonian opera singer Boris Trajanov, who initiated the project. (more)

Greece and Macedonia underline will to solve name row
23 March 2008 - The Greek and Macedonian foreign ministers underlined their commitment on Friday to resolve a dispute over Macedonia's name that has threatened to hold up the latter's entry into the European Union. Macedonia's name is the same as Greece's northernmost province. NATO and the European Union are eager to see a solution to the row for the sake of stability in the Balkans. Macedonia has been hoping for a green light later this year to open EU membership negotiations. (more)

Macedonia and China sign agreement on economic and technical cooperation
11 September 2004 - Macedonian Deputy Minister of Economy Rakip Dochi and Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce Yu Guangzhou signed an Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between the governments of both countries on Friday. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Balkans university leader: 'We have been moving in the same track' as Maharishi's approach
17 January 2011 - Having described great achievements of the past four years in establishing a successful academic programme, with top faculty and a beautiful campus, at a rapidly expanding university in Macedonia, a distinguished senior leader in education and diplomacy from the Balkans described the broad vision of harmony and unity that has guided the university's founding and development. He and other leaders envision this goal being fulfilled with major contributions from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's programmes and technologies of consciousness. (more)

Creating a university of unity and harmony in the Balkans
17 January 2011 - One member of a delegation from the Balkan region that recently visited MERU, Holland, is a very distinguished senior leader in education and diplomacy in Albania and Macedonia. He spoke at length, with deep appreciation and understanding, of the knowledge and programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, saying, 'You are very much welcome to develop your experience, your ideas, your techniques to all of our audience' in a large university community in Macedonia, to create a better future for the Balkans. (more)

Distinguished delegation from Balkans visits MERU, Holland
17 January 2011 - A distinguished delegation of leaders from the Balkan region of Europe was recently welcomed to the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland. The delegation included a top leader in education and diplomacy in Albania and Macedonia, another leader of a large university in Macedonia and other countries, and the mayor of a Macedonian city. All three expressed their deep appreciation of the importance of implementing Consciousness Based Education to create invincible peace, harmony, coherence, and progress in the Balkans and for all of Europe. (more)

Educators from Balkans praise Consciousness-Based Education
17 January 2011 - During their recent visit to MERU, Holland, a distinguished delegation from Albania and Macedonia met with administrators of the organizations teaching the Transcendental Meditation Programme around the world, about programmes to create an invincible state of peace, harmony, coherence, and progress in the Balkan region and for all of Europe. Two members of the delegation are top leaders in education, and discussions included incorporation of Consciousness-Based Education, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's peace-creating technologies of consciousness, on university campuses in several Balkan nations. (more)

Educators in Balkans praised for dynamic approach to Consciousness-Based Education
17 January 2011 - The delegation of distinguished education and government leaders from the Balkans that recently visited MERU, Holland, reaped high praise from administrators of organizations teaching Transcendental Meditation around the world--for their deep understanding, commitment, and dynamic approach in supporting Consciousness-Based Education, to bring coherence and peace and ensure a better future for their whole region. (more)

Maharishi's programme is extremely important for the young generation as a whole - Education leader from Balkans
17 January 2011 - A large university in the Balkans has chosen Maharishi European Research University (MERU) as one of its top partners to collaborate in projects to move the Balkan countries toward a peaceful and progressive future, a distinguished senior leader in education and diplomacy from the region said recently. He went on to discuss in more depth why Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's educational programmes and technologies of consciousness had 'extremely drawn his attention'. Maharishi's techniques 'serve like a medicine to treat the Balkans from a bad legacy', he said. (more)

Mayor from Balkans supports Consciousness-Based Education
17 January 2011 - The Mayor of a city in Macedonia conveyed 'the best expressions of thanks' on behalf of the citizens and council of his municipality, to the administrators of organizations teaching the Transcendental Meditation Programme and the global community of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's organizations. The Mayor's city is the seat of a university that is interested in collaborating with Maharishi European Research University on Consciousness-Based Education programmes, and the Mayor expressed his strong personal support for this collaboration. (more)

Mayor of Macedonian city honoured by administrators of Maharishi's programmes around the world
17 January 2011 - The Mayor of a city in Macedonia, and other top leaders in education in Macedonia and other Balkan countries, were honoured recently in MERU, Holland, by administrators of the organizations teaching the Transcendental Meditation Programme around the world. The Mayor's city is the seat of a university that plans to soon begin collaborating with Maharishi European Research University on Consciousness-Based Education programmes. (more)

To build a better future in the Balkans: Improving students' brain functioning and reducing stress
17 January 2011 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's educational programmes and technologies of consciousness will help every area of Balkan society, especially students and professors, to overcome the effects of past traumatic stress, improve their brain functioning, and increase their intellectual capacity, said a distinguished senior leader in education and diplomacy from the Balkans recently. These programmes 'can so much help the Balkans to leave behind the bloody fragmented history', and to build a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous future. (more)

University in Balkans to collaborate with MERU on Consciousness-Based Education
17 January 2011 - A university with campuses in several Balkan countries is interested in collaborating with Maharishi European Research University on Consciousness-Based Education programmes for students and professors, which university leaders envision will help create a better future for the Balkans and also contribute to world peace. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

In Macedonia's fake news hub, teen shows AP how it's done
2 December 2016 - On the second floor of a noisy sports center in the Macedonian town of Veles, a teenage purveyor of fake news cracked open his laptop and laid out his case for why lying is more lucrative than the truth. Real news gets reported everywhere, he argued. Made-up stories are unique. 'The fake news is the good news,' the 18-year-old said, pointing to a graph showing his audience figures, which reached into the hundreds of thousands, a bling watch clasped firmly around his wrist. 'A fake news article is way more opened than any other.' (more)

Five killed in Macedonia, fear of rising ethnic tension
13 April 2012 - Police in Macedonia have found the bodies of five people shot dead near a lake just outside the capital Skopje, the authorities said on Friday, a discovery that risks fuelling tensions in the ethnically volatile country. Authorities deployed riot police and the interior minister called for calm as hundreds of residents of the nearby village of Radisani, home to some of the victims, gathered to demand a quick investigation and attacked cars and television crews. Only last month, several people were injured and dozens were arrested in a string of tit-for-tat attacks between youths from Macedonia's Slavic-speaking majority and ethnic Albanian minority. (more)

Poverty, frustration keep Macedonia tensions alive
30 March 2012 - Macedonia's was the final conflict stemming from the bloody collapse of Yugoslavia, the last domino to fall after the 1998-99 war in neighbouring majority-Albanian Kosovo. NATO and EU diplomacy halted the fighting in Macedonia before it escalated into all-out war. The guerrillas entered politics in exchange for a more equitable distribution of power between the Slavic-speaking majority and the Albanians. Implicit in the peace deal was the promise that, if the sides could get along, the country would have a better chance of joining the rest of the western Balkans on the path to membership of NATO and the EU -- an ambition shared by both communities. But the process of accession has become hostage to a totally unrelated row with EU- and NATO-member Greece. With no compromise in sight, Macedonia can only watch as fellow ex-Yugoslav republic Croatia joins the EU in July 2013, while Serbia and Montenegro push to start accession talks this year. (more)

30 arrested in Macedonia after ethnic clashes
12 March 2012 - Some 30 people have been arrested after an outbreak of the worst ethnic violence in Macedonia since the small Balkan country came to the brink of civil war 11 years ago, authorities said Monday. Increased security had been ordered in several cities where clashes occurred involving rival gangs of youths from the majority Macedonian community and ethnic Albanians, leaving dozens injured, Interior Ministry and police officials said. During several days of rioting, youths attacked buses and used iron bars, knives, and baseball bats in street fights. The violence erupted after two ethnic Albanian men were shot dead by police in an apparent dispute over a parking space in the western town of Gostivar. Ethnic tension has been simmering in Macedonia since the end of an armed rebellion in 2001, when ethnic Albanian rebels fought government forces for about eight months, seeking greater rights for their community. (more)

Macedonia government in crisis as Albanian party quits
13 March 2008 - The main ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia's governing coalition quit on Thursday in a row over minority rights, plunging Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's 18-month old government into crisis. (more)

Macedonia's ethnic Albanians at odds
5 July 2006 - A day before crucial parliamentary elections, Macedonia's restive ethnic Albanian minority remains deeply divided on the pace of reforms in a country where ethnic and political tensions remain a potential flashpoint in Europe. (more)

Macedonian Prime Minister resigns
15 November 2004 - Macedonia's Prime Minister Hari Kostov resigned Monday over disagreements with ethnic Albanian coalition partners. He accused the Albanian Union for Integration Party of promoting partisan interests, nepotism, and corruption. (more)


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