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Indonesia to restore 200,000 hectares of peatland this year
19 June 2019 - Indonesia's Peatland Restoration Agency said on Wednesday [19 June] that it aims to restore 200,000 hectares of peatland in 2019, as it races to reach a 1 million hectare restoration target by the end of next year. ... Up to 2018, the agency had restored around 679,000 hectares of peatland, Nazir Foead, head of the Peat Restoration Agency, said. (more)

Indonesia creates three marine protected areas within Coral Triangle
10 April 2019 - The Indonesian government has established three new marine protected areas within the Coral Triangle, home to the highest diversity of corals and reef fishes anywhere on the planet. They're centered, respectively around the islands of Sula, Rao and Makian, which are all part of the Morotai archipelago in the eastern province of North Maluku. Indonesia has committed to setting aside 200,000 square kilometers (77,200 square miles) of its territorial waters for conservation by 2020, and has to date achieved 191,400 square kilometers (73,900 square miles), or about 96 percent of its target. (more)

Indonesia: Thousands of mobile libraries reach eager children
19 March 2019 - [T]housands of Indonesians ... have opened their own library in their own communities. Estimates suggest there are thousands of such libraries in Indonesia, started by ordinary people with great initiative to address the lack of books in their area and funded by occasional donations. There is the Perahu Pustaka, a library boat that sails around West Sulawesi. There are libraries on the back of vegetable carts, shelves lugged around by horses in Serang and in West Papua. Across Banten, a 200-strong motorbike gang called the Komunitas Motor Literasi (Moli), brings books to homes from a box attached to their vehicles... (more)

World's largest bee, missing for 38 years, found alive in Indonesia
21 February 2019 - Biologists discover single female Wallace's giant bee inside a termites' nest in a tree. As long as an adult thumb, with jaws like a stag beetle and four times larger than a honeybee, Wallace's giant bee is not exactly inconspicuous. But after going missing, feared extinct, for 38 years, the world's largest bee has been rediscovered alive on the Indonesian islands of the North Moluccas. (more)

Plastic to ride: Indonesians swap bottles for bus tickets
23 October 2018 - Indonesia's second-largest city has come up with a novel way to encourage its residents to recycle waste: giving free bus rides in exchange for used plastic bottles. Under the scheme launched by Surabaya in April, commuters can ride red city buses by dropping off plastic bottles at terminals or directly 'paying' a fare with bottles. (more)

Peatland mappers win $1million to help tackle Indonesian haze fires
2 February 2018 - An award-winning method for mapping Indonesia's vast peatlands, developed by Dutch, German, and Indonesian scientists, will help the Southeast Asian nation tackle annual fires that harm health in the region, the organizers of the prize said on Friday (2 February). The International Peat Mapping Team (IPMT) will receive $1 million for winning the two-year competition, funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and managed by the U.S.-based World Resources Institute (WRI). (more)

In a Papuan district, tribes push to revive a legacy of sustainability
2 January 2018 - Two tribes in the foothills of the Cyclops Mountains in eastern Indonesia have ratified a village regulation that aims to formalize their age-old traditions. The villagers are also known to practice herbal medicine using locally sourced plants, which they incorporate into their traditional rituals and culture. (more)

Indonesia ministry seeks to extend forest moratorium by two years
10 May 2017 - Indonesia's environment and forestry ministry wants to extend a moratorium on issuing new licenses to use primary forest and peatland in the Southeast Asian country by two years, an official said on Wednesday, 10 May. The moratorium was established under the previous administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a bid to reduce gas emissions linked to fires caused by deforestation, with peatlands particularly vulnerable. (more)

Indonesia's March foreign tourist arrivals rise 12.78 pct y/y
2 May 2017 - Indonesia attracted 909,173 foreign tourists in the month of March, up 12.78 percent from a year earlier, the statistics bureau said on Tuesday, 2 May. Foreign tourist arrivals had risen 9.19 percent in February. (more)

Indonesia's February foreign tourist arrivals rise 9.19 pct y/y
3 April 2017 - Indonesia attracted 838,686 foreign tourists in February, up 9.19 percent from a year earlier, the statistics bureau said on Monday, 3 April. January's annual increase in tourist arrivals was a stronger 29.04 percent. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Bringing Maharishi Vedic Architecture to Indonesia
19 July 2013 - Last year Gde Brawishwara Putra, a business executive from Bali, Indonesia, completed a course on Maharishi Vedic Architecture in the Netherlands, and he has been involved in locating suitable land in Bali for the construction of a Maharishi Vastu development. Gde was also happy to discover that Maharishi University of Management offers an MBA degree in sustainable business. He feels this is the right education he needs to create a business back home that aims not only to maximize profit, but to care for the people and the environment. (more)

Consciousness-Based Education brings fulfilment to students in Bali
17 July 2011 - Nearly 1,000 students have learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique as part of Consciousness-Based Education programmes in Bali. The culture in Bali is very open to Transcendental Meditation, said a teacher of the programme working there. 'It's just so close to the way they live their lives.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation, natural health care expanding in Bali
17 July 2011 - The Transcendental Meditation Programme, natural holistic health care, and other programmes to benefit diverse areas of life are offered at Bali's two new Maharishi Invincibility Centres. (more)

Indonesia: Growing interest in Consciousness-Based Education among Bali educators, schools
6 May 2010 - Educators in Bali, Indonesia, are increasingly interested in implementing Consciousness-Based Education programmes at their schools. Many students are already enjoying the benefits of practising the Transcendental Meditation Technique, and now have an opportunity to create invincibility for their nation through participating in large coherence-creating groups of meditators in their schools. (more)

Indonesia: Students the channel to create perpetual peace in their nation and the entire world
9 April 2010 - Students in Indonesia are gaining inner serenity and simultaneously creating a more peaceful nation and world through their practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme. (more)

Transcendental Meditation Teachers catalyst for expansion of Maharishi's programmes in Indonesia
23 March 2010 - Teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme and other Yogic Flyers in Bali, Indonesia, have been very active in leading Consciousness-Based Education initiatives in the area, as well as establishing a Maharishi Invincibility Centre. (more)

Indonesia: Five schools in Bali help create invincibility through student Yogic Flying groups
21 March 2010 - Bali, Indonesia is taking great strides towards national invincibility, with the establishment of Yogic Flying groups in multiple schools. (more)

Expansion of Consciousness-Based Education in Indonesia
18 November 2009 - Interest in Consciousness-Based Education is soaring in Bali. Two Consciousness-Based Education seminars drew large, highly attentive audiences; several school administrators attended a weekend Maharishi Invincibility Centre course on the topic; and a new board focussing on Consciousness-Based Education has been established to continue the momentum. (more)

Indonesia: Students can create national invincibility
17 November 2009 - Hundreds of students in Bali are enjoying the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Technique, and hundreds more may soon learn. (more)

Laying the foundation for invincibility in Indonesia
15 November 2009 - Invincibility is rising in Indonesia--particularly in Bali--through Consciousness-Based Education; great interest in an upcoming Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course; and Refresher Courses for the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme and for Transcendental Meditation Teachers. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Indonesia's Pertamina says oil spill recovery will take until March 2020
8 August 2019 - Clean-up efforts after an oil spill from a well in Indonesia's Java Sea will take until at least March next year, state energy firm Pertamina said on Thursday [8 August] as it struggles to plug the underwater leak. ... The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) said leaking crude has affected 13 villages and waters north of the capital, Jakarta, threatening the livelihoods and health of at least 7,800 people. (more)

Tsunami kills at least 222 in Indonesia after Krakatau eruption
23 December 2018 - A tsunami killed at least 222 people and injured hundreds on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra following an underwater landslide believed to have been caused by the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano, officials said on Sunday (23 December). (more)

Indonesia mourns as death toll from quake and tsunami jumps to 832
30 September 2018 - The toll from an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia soared to 832 confirmed dead on Sunday (30 September), with authorities fearing the numbers will climb as rescuers grappled to get aid to outlying communities cut off from communications and help. Dozens of people were reported to be trapped in the rubble of several hotels and a mall in the city of Palu, on Sulawesi island, which was hit by waves as high as six meters (20 feet) following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Friday. (more)

Aftershock jolts Indonesia's Lombok as death toll jumps to 259
9 August 2018 - A magnitude 6.2 aftershock rocked Indonesia's Lombok on Thursday (9 August), sparking fresh panic on the tropical tourist island as the official death toll from a powerful earthquake four days earlier almost doubled to 259. A humanitarian crisis is also looming in Lombok, where thousands have been left homeless and in desperate need of clean water, food, medicine, and shelter. (more)

'From high season to absolutely nothing': Indonesian quake devastates tourism
8 August 2018 - Days after a powerful earthquake rocked Indonesia's resort island of Lombok, killing more than 130 people and sending thousands of tourists fleeing, its beach strip stands eerily empty, with shops and hotels shuttered. Any hotels still open are refusing guests out of safety concerns, while nearby restaurants and dive shops lie vacant in what is usually one of their busiest months of the year, reeling from the devastation of tourism caused by the quake. (more)

Tourists flee Indonesia's Lombok island after earthquake kills 98
5 August 2018 - Rescuers used diggers and heavy machinery to clear debris and search for survivors on Monday (6 August) after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake killed at least 98 people on Indonesia's resort island of Lombok, prompting a tourist exodus. The island was further rattled by a magnitude 5.2 earthquake on Monday evening. (more)

Jail to jihad: Indonesian prisons a breeding ground for militancy
18 January 2016 - Afif was an inmate in a high-security Indonesian jail when he transformed from aspiring radical Islamist to soldier for Islamic State, ready to sacrifice his life for a group based thousands of miles away in the Middle East. His journey ended with his death last week on a busy intersection in central Jakarta, after the gun and suicide bomb attack he launched with three other militants that brought Islamic State's brand of violence to Southeast Asia for the first time. Afif's graduation from jailbird to jihadi shines a light on a prison system where staff shortages, overcrowding, and corruption have allowed extremists to mingle and emerge as determined killers in the name of Islam. (more)

Islamic State claims Jakarta attack, targets Indonesia for first time
14 January 2016 - Suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the heart of Indonesia's capital on Thursday (14 January) and the assault was claimed by Islamic state, the first time the radical group has targeted the world's most populous Muslim nation. Just seven people were killed in Jakarta despite multiple blasts and a gunfight, and five of them were the attackers themselves, but the brazenness of the assault suggested a new brand of militancy in a country where low-level strikes on police are common. (more)

Crowded skies in Southeast Asia put pressure on pilots, air traffic control
31 December 2014 - The sheer volume of flights in the skies over Southeast Asia is putting pressure on outdated air traffic control and on pilots to take risky unilateral action in crises such as that possibly faced by AirAsia Flight QZ8501. The flight with 162 people on board crashed off the coast of Borneo Sunday morning 40 minutes into its flight from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. The circumstances around the crash are not yet known are not yet known, but investigators and the airline's chief have pointed to changeable weather being a significant factor. 'There are certain flight corridors that are over-stressed due to traffic,' said a former Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot with a decade's flying experience at the carrier. Pilots say that causes a logistical nightmare for the region's air traffic control, particularly outside high-tech hubs such as Singapore. (more)

Indonesia to continue deforestation despite emissions pledge
16 August 2014 - The government will maintain its deforestation targets despite its pledge to control emissions. Forestry Ministry secretary-general Hadi Daryanto said on Tuesday that the government would proceed with plans to clear 14 million hectares (ha) of degraded forest from 2010 to 2020. Indonesia currently contains 180 million ha of forested land. According to Hadi, the degraded forest would be transformed into convertible forest as the country's growth has forced the government to provide more space for development needs, such as infrastructure, energy, and food supply. Data published in the Nature Climate Change journal indicated that between 2000 and 2012, Indonesia lost over 6.02 million ha of primary forest. The study also revealed that by 2012, Indonesia began recording losses of 0.84 million ha a year, almost twice Brazil's annual primary forest loss of 0.46 million ha. (more)


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