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Lion spotted in Gabon for first time in 20 years
12 March 2015 - A lion has been spotted in Gabon for the first time in nearly 20 years, raising hopes the animals long feared extinct in the country could be returning, conservationists said on Thursday. Lions used to roam Central Africa in their hundreds in the middle of the last century. But the population has fallen sharply due to poaching and loss of habitat. (more)

Gabon: Rare African Golden Cat makes video debut
30 August 2011 - The rare and reclusive African Golden Cat, native to central and western Africa, appears on the first known footage of one of the least known and most elusive wild cats on earth. A camera-trap set up by the conservation group Panthera in Gabon, captured footage of the cat, giving scientists a close-up look of the feline in the wild. (more)

Oil field found off Gabon
21 July 2011 - Oil and natural gas producer Harvest Natural Resources said it discovered a second oil accumulation at a well off Gabon, West Africa. Houston-based Harvest last month reported an oil discovery in the Dussafu Ruche Marin-1 well. (more)

US President Obama welcomes Gabon's President to Oval Office
10 June 2011 - President Barack Obama complimented President Ali Bongo of Gabon on reforms put in place during his tenure to help make the government more open and accountable, the White House said in a statement after the two met privately in the Oval Office on 9 June. President Bongo's oil-rich central African nation holds the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council. (more)

Scientists say Gabon's ancient fossils could be two billion years old
13 July 2010 - Gabon's government shut down a rock quarry in the country's remote eastern region to protect ancient fossils scientists say could prove complex life on earth is more than two billion years old. Researchers found thumb-sized fossils in the central African state they say pre-dates other evidence of multi-cellular life on the planet by nearly a half a billion years, according to a report published in Nature magazine. (more)

Gabon centralizes taxes in bid to help business
8 March 2010 - Gabon has banned the levying of taxes by all agencies except by the central treasury in a bid to eradicate the plethora of local charges squeezing the margins of small businesses. It is the latest in a series of measures by new President Ali Bongo Odimba aimed at stimulating enterprise and weaning the Gabonese economy away from dwindling oil revenues. (more)

Little robin from Gabon is world's newest species
15 August 2008 - A red-breasted bird discovered by accident in the forests of Gabon is a new species, US scientists said on Friday. They have named the little bird the olive-backed forest robin, or Stiphrornis pyrrholaemus. The Smithsonian Institution team found the bird while visiting the forest on a biodiversity project. (more)

Rating raise given to Gabon on strong balance sheet and relative wealth
9 November 2007 - Gabon is likely to issue international and domestic bonds to refinance Paris club debt following the African country's newly-assigned rating, a Standard and Poor's analyst said on Friday. Gabon's higher rating could be an added attraction for investors, analysts said. (more)

Gabon building road links to neighbouring African countries
25 October 2007 - Gabon will use a loan from the African Development Bank to finance a road building programme and improve road links to neighbouring countries. (more)

New road project financed in Gabon
18 September 2007 - The African Development Bank has lent Gabon 256.27 million euros ($355.1 million) to finance a road project to improve road safety and provide access to socio-economic and health infrastructures. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Poachers kill 11,000 Gabon elephants in under a decade
6 February 2013 - Poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants in Gabon's Minkebe National Park rainforest since 2004, Gabon's government said on Wednesday, with the massacre fuelled by increasing demand for ivory in Asia. The densely-forested central African country is home to about half the world's roughly 100,000 remaining forest elephants, the smallest species of elephant and coveted by ivory dealers for their harder and straighter tusks. A study conducted by Gabon's government along with advocacy groups World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society found two-thirds of the forest elephants in Minkebe park had been killed off since 2004, or about 11,100. 'If we don't reverse this situation rapidly, the future of elephants in Africa will be compromised,' Lee White, executive secretary of Gabon's national parks agency, said in a statement issued by Gabon's presidency. vory smuggling has also been linked to conflict. Last year the UN Security Council called for an investigation into the alleged involvement in the trade of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. (more)

Gabon troops outside stadium as unrest continues
5 September 2009 - Hundreds of soldiers deployed around Gabon's soccer stadium for a World Cup qualifier Saturday the country's new President was expected to attend as postelection violence continued for a third straight day. On Friday, the country's constitutional court declared Ali Bongo the winner of last weekend's divisive Presidential race. The country's top three opposition leaders who say the election was rigged have all gone into hiding, claiming that security forces are trying to kill them. The country's No. 2 city Port Gentil, the hub of Gabon's oil industry, devolved into chaos, with angry protesters torching a police station, a market, and the French Consulate over the past few days. Looters continued to attack shops overnight. (more)

Unrest as dictator's son declared winner in Gabon
3 September 2009 - The government on Thursday declared the eldest son of the late dictator Omar Bongo the winner of presidential elections, enraging opposition supporters who torched a French diplomatic mission. A main opposition candidate went into hiding, nursing an injury he reportedly suffered when police fired tear gas canisters. In Dakar, Senegal, Gabonese students pushed past the sole guard at the Gabonese Embassy. A loud explosion was followed by the sound of breaking glass. The students charged out as a huge plume of smoke rose from the two-story structure. Gabon is one of the continent's leading oil producers. The elder Bongo is accused of using the oil wealth on vanity projects such as a massive, marbled presidential palace and a little-used railroad instead of building much-needed infrastructure, like roads. He ran uncontested in some elections and dismissed allegations of fraud in others. (more)


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