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Costa Rica has banned styrofoam - a major win for the environment
25 June 2019 - After rolling out a national strategy to drastically reduce plastic use by 2021 last year, Costa Rica is now taking its environmental protection efforts a step further by banning the use of styrofoam containers. (more)

Tiny Costa Rica has a Green New Deal, too. It matters for the whole planet.
12 March 2019 - Costa Rica, population 5 million, wants to wean itself from fossil fuels by 2050, and the chief evangelist of the idea is a 38-year-old urban planner named Claudia Dobles who also happens to be the First Lady. ... The country has doubled its forest cover in the last 30 years, after decades of deforestation, so that half of its land surface is now covered with trees. (more)

Costa Rica launches 'unprecedented' push for zero emissions by 2050
25 February 2019 - Costa Rica's President has launched an economy-wide plan to decarbonize the country by 2050, saying the Central American nation aims to show other nations what is possible to address climate change. To cut transport emissions, the plan aims to modernize public transport, including through the creation of an electric train line. (more)

'School of second chances' opens in Costa Rica
16 February 2019 - Last month, The Costa Rican School of Opportunities opened in San Jose and has 75 adult students working toward obtaining a high school degree. It is the only free private school in the country, and maybe Central America, designed to get adults back into the classroom to finish their secondary degrees. The school was the brainchild of Robert Flanzer, a United States citizen from Atlanta (Georgia) with many deep ties to Costa Rica. (more)

Costa Rica's grid used 98 percent renewable energy in 2016
3 January 2017 - Costa Rica ended 2016 on a particularly green note. The Central American nation ran entirely on renewable energy for more than 250 days last year, the country's power operator announced. For Costa Rica, the clean energy success story is likely to continue into 2017. (more)

How Green Technologies will shape the face of Costa Rica
21 June 2016 - Costa Rica has announced that there will be an integration of Solar Energy into the country. And where there have been projects scattered throughout the past 80 years or so in Costa Rica, the first major targeted approach to carbon free energy generation has begun. Architects and Contractors which cater to the more energy efficient housing are more apt to see quicker permits for building, higher sales prices, and retain an ongoing relationship with the Costa Rica building development sector. (more)

Costa Rica uses 100% renewable energy for past 75 days. How are they doing it?
24 March 2015 - The entire country of Costa Rica is currently running on completely renewable energy and has been for 75 days now. The switch to renewable energy makes economic sense for Costa Rica, given that its primary industries are agriculture and tourism, particularly eco-tourism. Not only is renewable energy cheaper than ever, using it will help protect the nation's assets. The Central American nation aims to be carbon-neutral by 2021. (more)

On first official visit, Ban hails Costa Rica as 'model' for development, peace
30 July 2014 - On his first official visit, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon lauded Costa Rica as a 'model country' in sustainable development and protecting human rights. Speaking to reporters ahead of his address to Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Mr Ban said that Costa Rica led by example on many international issues including environmental sustainability, and highlighted its clean air and preserved forests. The Central American nation is also a trail blazer in peace and security due to its disarmament policy, he said. (more)

The organic farming boom in Costa Rica
20 July 2013 - Organic farming is good for the land, the population, and the farmers. It feels good and save money to grow your own food. It's nice to know that your family is not consuming chemicals. Costa Rican organic farmers are careful to consider the position of the sun and moon for planting in specific areas. Certain flowers that keep bugs away are planted alongside vegetables instead of spraying pesticides on them. (more)

Costa Rica poised to ban hunting as sport in Latin American first
2 October 2012 - Costa Rica is poised to become the first Latin American country to ban hunting as a sport, after Congress on Tuesday provisionally approved reforms to its Wildlife Conservation Law. Lawmakers voting on the ban voted 41 in favour and five against, and a second vote expected in the coming week is widely seen ratifying changes to the law, which aims to protect animals in one of the world's most biodiverse countries. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Maharishi University of Management, USA: Study Abroad programmes planned for the coming academic year
26 June 2013 - Students at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, and others will have a number of opportunities to study abroad in the 2013-2014 academic year, including Costa Rica and India. One of the first courses offered is the 'Ethnobotany and Natural Building Study Abroad Program'. The semester-long programme begins in September on the MUM campus and continues in Big Bend, Texas, in October; the final segment takes place in Costa Rica in November and December. (more)

Noted entrepreneur and organic herb producer to teach MUM Rotating University course in Costa Rica
15 March 2013 - Tom Newmark, the former CEO of New Chapter, Inc, one of America's most respected and successful organic vitamin companies, is co-owner of Finca Luna Nueva, an eco-resort and biodynamic organic herb farm in Costa Rica that provides tropical-grown botanicals for some of New Chapter's products. This April, the Sustainable Living Department at Maharishi University of Management is offering an MUM Rotating University course on tropical organic agriculture and rainforest ecology, which will be co-taught by Mr Newmark on the Finca Luna Nueva farm. Mr Newmark recently gave a talk at MUM on 'Organic Agriculture to the Rescue: Using Ancient Farming Wisdom to Heal Our Broken Atmosphere'--about organic agriculture as a simple solution to global warming. (more)

Invincibility Schools for Costa Rica
19 July 2007 - The beautiful country of Costa Rica is moving quickly towards invincibility with schools planned where students will practise Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique in groups. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Ousted OAS chief questioned in Costa Rica
15 October 2004 - A former Costa Rican president returned home Friday, a week after he was ousted as chief of the Organization of American States, and was slapped in handcuffs and led off for questioning on allegations he took kickbacks. (more)


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