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Comoros Islands and other minnows' chance to dream in AFCON qualifying
30 March 2017 - The Comoros Islands are among the smallest countries on the African continent -- well, off to the side of it, to be geographically correct -- and among the newest. The tiny archipelago, which lies in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and has a population of around one million, has only been a fully fledged football-playing entity for just over a decade, but on Thursday (30 March) made a giant leap into the group phase of the African Nations Cup (AFCON) qualifiers. The Comoros became a FIFA member in 2005 ... (more)

Comoros targets over 3 per cent growth in 2012: central bank
14 October 2011 - Comoros' economy may grow more than 3 per cent in 2012, aided by the expansion of the fledgling banking sector and investments in tourism, its central bank governor said on Thursday. Comoros, a group of four islands between Madagascar and southern Africa, is the world's largest producer of the essence ylang ylang, used in aromatherapy, and also exports vanilla and cloves. (more)

Comoros 2011 growth seen at just over 2 per cent
24 August 2011 - Comoros' economy will expand by a little over 2 per cent this year, driven by an uptick in agriculture production that has helped to contain domestic price pressures, the International Monetary Fund said. The Indian Ocean archipelago, sandwiched between Madagascar and Mozambique, is the world's largest producer of the essence ylang ylang and also exports vanilla and cloves. (more)

Qatar signs $70 million hotel deal in Comoros
21 May 2010 - State-owned Qatar National Hotels said on Wednesday it would invest $70 million in a luxury hotel resort in Comoros, one of the largest injections of foreign investment into the Indian Ocean archipelago. Owned by the Qatar government, the Qatar National Hotels deal is part of a $540 million pledge to support development in one of the world's most impoverished countries. The Comoros' economy is expected to grow by 2 per cent this year from 1.8 per cent in 2009. (more)

Qatar signs $70 million hotel deal in Comoros
21 April 2010 - State-owned Qatar National Hotels said on Wednesday it would invest $70 million in a luxury hotel resort in Comoros, one of the largest injections of foreign investment into the poor Indian Ocean archipelago. The Comoros' economy is expected to grow by 2 per cent this year from 1.8 percent in 2009. (more)

Comoros: Projects to boost tourism announced, Kuwait to invest $56m telcoms, banks
29 March 2008 - Kuwaiti investors said on Saturday they will pump nearly $56 million into Comoros. President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi has worked hard to court Arab business to the Indian Ocean archipelago. A delegation of Kuwaiti investors said they would initially focus on telecoms and banking. They have also signed a letter of intent for the construction of a tourist village by Salted Lake. With a tropical climate and white sandy beaches, tourism has long been seen as a big potential growth sector for Comoros. (more)

Chinese researchers claim herbal Comoros malaria success
11 March 2008 - A Chinese herbal medicine has slashed malaria cases on Comoros' tiny Moheli island, to less than 2 per cent of the population from 23 per cent last year, Chinese researchers said on Tuesday. Located off the east coast of Africa, the tropical archipelago of Comoros has a population of 700,000. (more)

Comoros: Pristine island sees hope in ecotourism
7 March 2008 - Rare animal species and unspoiled beaches are top attractions on the Comorian island of Moheli, where the jungle spills onto the road and the craggy hills are covered with bush, trees, and medicinal plants. Money from tourists wishing to see the rare species provides a living for the island's residents and an incentive to protect the wildlife. (more)

Comoros looking to increase tourism
3 September 2007 - Dubai's state-owned investment firm, Dubai World, is set to invest $50 million in a Comorian hotel, Comoros's Vice-President Idi Nadhoim said on Monday. About 80 per cent of the Indian Ocean archipelago's 840,000 population are employed in agriculture, much of it subsistence. The archipelago's main exports are cloves, ylang-ylang, and vanilla. Vice-President Nadhoim said tourism may help economic growth. (more)

Comoros to boost ylang-ylang output 33 pct
10 July 2007 - Comoros plans to boost production of ylang-ylang, a key ingredient in perfumes, by about a third over the next two years, an industry leader said. The Indian Ocean archipelago is the world's biggest producer of the essential oil, turning out about 60 tonnes of the flower per year, or about 80 per cent of the world's ylang-ylang. Comoros, with European funding, has begun a reforestation programme to mitigate the effects of ylang-ylang's 16-hour distillation process, which uses large amounts of wood. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Comoros lawmaker leading citizenship inquiry attacked
6 November 2017 - Unknown attackers torched a car belonging to deputy head of the parliament of Comoros late on Sunday, the latest in a series of threats apparently aimed at derailing an investigation he is leading, the lawmaker said. Dhoulkamal Dhoihir, vice president of the National Assembly, is leading an inquiry into a plan to sell Comoros citizenship to stateless people in Gulf states. The scheme would earn Comoros, an island state off Africa's eastern coast, $200 million to $300 million, but it has been dogged by allegations of corruption. (more)

Comoros: Hundreds of AU troops gather for attack
24 March 2008 - Some 1,350 African Union (AU) troops from Tanzania and Sudan have arrived in the Indian Island archipelago Comoros ready for an assault on the rebel island of Anjouan, a senior military source said. After suffering some 20 coups or coup attempts since independence from France in 1975, Comoro Islands is trying to shrug off a history of instability and inter-island bickering. (more)

Comoros: Military action irreversible
14 March 2008 - The African Union (AU) backed military action against the island of Anjouan's renegade leader Mohamed Bacar in the Comoros archipelago had reached 'the point of no return', despite an offer for more talks to resolve the nine month stand-off. The crisis on the Indian Ocean island state has been simmering since June 2007, when national elections were held. The electoral crisis has paralyzed the Union government of Comoros and brought back the political volatility that has been a hallmark of governance since the islands achieved independence from France in 1975; the tiny archipelago has weathered 19 successful and attempted coups to date since independence. (more)


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