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The significance of the greatest scientific discovery of Maharaja Nader Raam: Presentation by Dr Robert Keith Wallace - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 November 2007

Dr Robert Keith Wallace continued his discussion of the discovery of Maharaja Nader Raam: the correlations between the Vedic Literature and our human physiology. Dr Wallace is the First Scientist of the Age of Enlightenment, and pioneering researcher on the physiological effects of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique, who has been working with top medical researchers and medical scientists in MERU, Holland, to design a curriculum for a disease-free society. society.

'When we think about it, every great religion has in a sense, predicted this discovery,' Dr Wallace said. 'We look in the Vedic literature, we see Aham Brahmasmi, ''I am Totality''; in the Tao, ''The nature of Heaven belongs to Man''; in the Bible, ''God created Man in his own image''; in the New Testament, ''The kingdom of Heaven is within''; and in the Koran, ''And on earth are signs of God for those of assured faith there within you. Do you not perceive?''

'It has always been there: man is the microcosm of the macrocosm. But in our age, somehow this incredibly important vision of life was lost until Maharaja Nader Raam made this discovery. The profundity of the discovery is the detail of it; the very, very precise linking of one area to another,' said Dr Wallace.

Under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharaja Nader Raam took all the branches of the Vedic Literature, and showed how, in a very mathematical and precise way, we could find this link between the different aspects of the Vedic Literature and the structure and function of a specific part of our human physiology.

'We find from Maharaja Nader Raam's discovery that [each part] corresponds precisely,' said Dr Wallace. 'For example, the Yoga Sutra are inscribed precisely on the gyrae of the brain, and under these ridges of the surface of the cerebral cortex, we have these association fibres that link one area of the brain to the other. We can see how the 195 Yoga Sutra are inscribed right on the brain itself. We can see this process of integration, which Yoga speaks about, and how the four chapters correspond to the four lobes of the brain.

'We can go constantly deeper and deeper and see that all of these great religious insights have validity in terms of the actual mathematics of the relationship between the Vedic literature and the human physiology. For example, in Maharishi Jyotish [the Vedic science of astrology], the planets and all the different celestial bodies have their correspondence, their cosmic counterpart within the physiology.'

Dr Wallace continued: 'It is very appropriate that this is the time of focussing on the Rajas, and we see that the thalamus represents Surya, the sun. Surya is the King, the ruler, and Surya sits in the centre of the solar system, corresponding precisely as Maharaja Nader Raam has shown, to the thalamus, to this central area which links all other areas [of the brain]. The fibres that go from the thalamus, all the different nuclei in the thalamus, to all the different parts of the cerebral cortex, to the brain stem, to the limbic system—it is such a powerful integrating centre, these beautiful self-referral loops which are connecting all the different parts of the physiology.

'So here we see the nature of what it means to be a king,' said Dr Wallace. 'If we looked at the thalamus, we would see radiating out from it is this corona radiata, which are the fibres all coming from the thalamus, so it really does look like a crown: again, one of many, many discoveries. We have to go through all 40 branches of the Vedic Literature just to get some beginning insight into how profound this discovery is in terms of the details.'

Global Good News will feature more of these details that Dr Wallace brought out in his presentation in Parts III and IV of this article in the coming days.

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