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Maharishi's address to the Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Administration, 26 June, 2007 - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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11 July 2007

In his address to the Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Administration, Maharishi continued to speak about Sandhya Vandan, aligning oneself with silence three times a day, and Vivartvad, appearance. He also spoke about other Mahavakyas, great sentences, that give expression to the experience of Brahm, Totality.

In Part I of this talk, Maharishi brought out insights into the expressions Sarvam khalvidam brahm, 'I am the Totality', Neha nanasti kinchan, 'There is no duality,' and Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam, 'The world is my family.'

Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam
Maharishi said that Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam—'The world is my family'—is the expression that life in India upholds to be its life, its family. The whole world is family of India. The universal influence that radiates from the experience of those who do Sandhya Vandan—three times a day associating themselves with silence—makes the world their family.

Now Maharishi continues by saying that in a family the father earns, and the earning is enjoyed by all the members of the family. So it is that life in India has that parental role for the whole world as expressed in Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, 'The world is my family.'

Maharishi said that only the night before he was coming to the conclusion, ''What is still to be achieved?'' He said he had achieved the formula that only a few hundred or a few thousand people can have a bright destiny for the whole millions of population in a country, and now Dr Hagelin has counted and said, 'Yes, we have achieved so many thousand in the US, and thirty-six countries are underway country by country.'

Maharishi then said that 'with all the rigmarole of so many departments in a country, how to administer a country? This is child's play, as far as the administration is concerned. The grandfather says the administration is a few people reciting the Veda, living the Veda in their consciousness—they are that lighted lamp which radiates light all around. That is the life in India.

'What more is to be done?'
'When I have reached [the point] in my teaching ''What more is to be done?''—last night I was reaching this point: focus on India. I don't have to take away focus on all these 39 countries* and all the 192 countries [in the world], country by country, that will continue. That I have started, and that nobody can stop. Nobody can stop it, because when the people are wanting to have peace, prosperity, happiness, affluence, coherence in the country, in their own way what they have done is to assemble so many people [to create coherence]. . . .'

Maharishi then said that all those days of ignorance in which the government has to have jails, police, and punishment, and laws to create fear so that people do not 'tax any other's life', this kind of government, which has 'proven to be unsuccessful, useless, a waste of human endeavour, a waste of human life . . . has been ruled out, simply ruled out.'

Yogic Flying
This is a challenge, not to one government, Maharishi said, but to the whole governmental system. What we are going to do now is create a few hundred people practising Yogic Flying [in each country] and let people feel how it is to be living in complete freedom. Their complete freedom may be infused with such deep coherence and integration that negativity will not arise. 'Man-made laws will not be necessary to regulate life of society. No!' Maharishi said.

Maharishi 'was very intently watching the words of Dr Hagelin, and what he was defining is Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, ''The world is my family.'' And how the family is governed?' said Maharishi. 'The family is governed by the parental role. Parents do everything for the children. Like that, those few people in society that we are training in Yogic Flying, we train them, and then leave the people to their wildest imagination. No one [will be able to] do wrong to anyone, because the whole atmosphere will be like bright sunshine in which no one can break his head or knees. Everyone will be living life in bliss, practically living life in bliss.

Sandhya Vandan
'In India this is a system of living. Some Vedic families diving in themselves three times a day, [are] unfolding in their own mind, in their own intellect, the reality of Being. And the influence of that not only sets their pattern of life [to be] useful for themselves, but certainly and definitely useful for the whole environment.

'Everyone around them is basking in the sunshine being radiated by those few people in society who are doing their Sandhya Vandan [three times a day associating themselves with silence]. They are Vedic families; a few people, and what they do is create a universal effect of nourishing life everywhere. Distance is no barrier to it. Here, there, and everywhere, Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam. There is an emphasis. The whole world family, the whole world family is my family.

'Aham brahmasmi
'So this Aham brahmasmi, this Sarvam khalvidam Brahm, Totality is Brahm, total. Unified field, total. And there is no duality in it. There is no separation in it. It's called Samhita, togetherness. It is Brahm. Brahm is described in terms of coherence. It is coherence, only coherence. There are no particles even that come together to make coherence. It is coherence. Worldwide, worldwide-distance is no barrier to it. Infinite distance or change or variety [is] non-existent! Variety is only a gossip.

'Vivartvad. I was very happy to hear the word Vivartvad from Dr Hagelin. What he described was eternal truth in modern language, eternal truth in modern language. That is why he boldly says, ''Yes, Vedic Science, Vedic Science, Vedic Science.'' This Vedic Science is an eternal science. It has been spoken of by the wise throughout the ages.

'In the same language, in other languages—doesn't matter the difference of language, the content is the same. The reality of life is the same, the Unified Field. And that is the governor. Unified Field is the governor. Brahm, Aham Brahmasmi, Sarvam khalvidam Brahm, Neha nanasti kinchan added to it; all this is Brahm, and there is no duality in it, there is no duality in it. Duality is just a gossip, just like the snake is just a gossip in the string. Reality is the string.

'That is why in the whole Vedic Literature something that is on the level of ego, something on the level of intellect, something on the level of mind, something on the level of senses, something on the level of behaviour, something on the level of the world, all that is in terms of Brahm. And Aham Brahmasmi, ''I am That, Veda is That.'' Aham Brahm, Aham Veda, Aham Atma: it's my Self, transcendental Self. Aham Vishwam, ''I am the universe, I am the universe''; Veda is the universe, and Brahm is the universe.

'One without a second'
'So [it is] all one reality without a second. ''Without a second'' must be added to that. If we don't say ''without a second,'' then ''all'' remains deficient of this one. One without a second. That means that Totality includes unmanifest as well. All manifestations, not there. Even the 'not' is not there! This is the clear expression of that which governs—total Constitution of the Universe in the Veda.

'Veda on the level of the senses is heard as a language; it is heard as a language. It is counted in numbers, all the theory of numbers. So there is duality, there is multiplicity in the expression of the Veda. But what Veda expresses is non-dual singularity.'

* 39 countries: The Global Country of World Peace is currently focused on creating Invincibility in 39 countries through establishing sufficiently large groups practising the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, according to the population of these countries.

Global Good News will feature Part III of this talk on 14 July, 2007.

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