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Maharishi's address to the Global Press Conference on the Physics of Invincibility, 2 May 2007, New York, USA
by Global Good News staff writer

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4 May 2007

Following Dr John Hagelin's presentation to the world press on the Physics of Invincibility, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called on the governments and world press to fulfil their purpose and responsibility by implementing the programmes of the Global Financial Capital of New York to create integrated national consciousness and invincible defence for every nation.

Maharishi said he was listening with great joy to every sentence of Dr Hagelin's, and he would ask the World Press to inform the governments.

Maharishi continued: 'The concept of a government organization was from the need of a nation. Every nation needed an organization that will secure all the different aspects of life in the country to be on the right side of evolution. The very existence of a government has [at] its basis the need for an organization. Throughout the ages, throughout the history of a nation and society, the need was felt that there should be an organization that would take care of the education and health, industry and commerce—one centralized organization, and that was called government.'

Maharishi explained that every government has rules for its fulfilment, and now a concept has come that fulfils the need for every administration to be prevention-oriented and problem-free in itself.

Maharishi said that 'Now what we find is that every government is full of problems and full of questions, and every ministry of every government is trying to do this and this; but whatever they are doing, every five or six years the government must be changed, because for five years some people have been given the chance to let the society run intelligently without problems.

'But problems are growing in economy, in politics, in behaviour, in everything. So [came] the concept of change the government, change the government—democracy came into being. But the whole thing came out to be a fraud again. Democracy in itself is a fraud.

'People believe some people; they go for five years; they are the rulers. They make their gestures, but nothing comes out of it for the purpose of their assembly. No government, with all its different departments, is able to fulfil the purpose of any department—just because humanly conceived laws will always remain incompetent for the total purpose of life.

'Therefore now a plan has come that life could be upheld by cosmic law, by total law, by Total Knowledge of Natural Law. It has evolved and it has proved its value.

'It is the duty of every government, the duty of every minister of every ministry to fulfil its purpose by having 100-200 people in every ministry, or by making it a part of the national duty hour of every employee in the government to spend half an hour a day in his home or in his office,' closing the eyes and practising Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation, to gain Total Knowledge of Natural Law by directly experiencing the Unified Field at the basis of human life and the entire universe.

'Half an hour in his office, a part of all his activity of sending this paper to that table, and this table—as a part of this duty, for his own enlightenment—and the effect will be that there will be more efficiency in passing papers from table to table, plus they will be producing an effect of invincibility.

'They will be fulfilling the purpose of the government. The total purpose of the government is in favour of life of everyone in the country.

'All the government people are being paid by the money of the people, but they are not able to fulfil the required result. Dr Hagelin is proposing a plan of Total Knowledge, and it doesn't have to remain restricted in the schools and colleges. We are going to approach every government.

'Every government is going to be hooted out in five or six years anyway, so the next government or the present government, every present government could create fulfilment of its expected duty and that government will be lasting.

'Every government now has a choice to be hooted out after six years; or to be welcomed and honorably be requested to remain in its position [because] they have produced a problem-free nation, a peaceful nation, an integrated nation: there is no disintegration, no conflict, there are no problems in the country.

'Such a government can be now, now, now.

'In one month, in two months, in three months. Dr Hagelin's voice today will be conveyed from the centre of New York. New York is supposed to be a new york; every year is a new york, it can't continue to be an old york.

'New York is also revived today with the presence of our team there—the intelligentsia which are the lighthouse of the day, the lighthouse of intelligence, the home of Total Knowledge, the vibrant vitality of infinite creativity bringing out a new phase of administration.

'Those who are on every top level of organization, of the economic level, the political level, or on the social level, or on any level, they have only to understand.

'I loved the sentence Dr Hagelin said today, ''They don't have to understand the equations of physics or chemistry. They don't have to understand anything.'' So instead of innocently going to hell, they are asked innocently go to heaven.

'Absolutely they can rise from hell today, today, today.

'And if, if, if the world has any press today, and the press people have any little intelligence in their country, and if the world press in every country is dedicated to the country, this is the voice that they should bring out to the people regarding the responsibility of the government. Tell the government how simply they can step on to [this], knowingly or unknowingly—as unknowingly as they are making laws that fail to bring the desired effect.

'They can unknowingly, a little part of knowing. It was very interesting what Dr Hagelin said—the military chief man does not have to understand that by closing the eyes—not the whole military, just part of it, a very insignificant part of a military, one or two battalions.

'They are not asked to relinquish their rifle. If the need is there they will fight. Before the need arises, they can cancel the need by closing the eyes. [It takes] just a little attention of a few hundred people.

'Every country has thousands of military. We are not asking all the military to run away, because we know the present fearful administration will never allow a country to be dismanned. But they should realize that this destructive means of protection is a false notion. It has existed throughout history, but murder of the youth has been throughout the nation in the name of securing the nation.

'What a stupid principle. Some people who have gathered the money from the people, they must pay them, and they take, take, and give the money to the youth and keep them inspired in the name of bravery and all very good inspiring words for the youth.

'Put them to death. Feed the youth like you feed the goat to some day eat him up. It's very, very barbarian; very, very uncultured; and very, very criminal, the approach of every government as far as the national integrity is concerned, as far as security is concerned, defence is concerned, education is concerned.

'Here is a call to wake up. Either wake up or get out. Finished.

'Every government can save itself from being hooted out, being removed in six years. The same people who will remove the government, the same people will respect the government: ''Oh you have done very well; everyone is very happy, diseases are much less.''

'In the whole field of medicine poison is being given to the people; modern medicine is full of poison. Modern education is full of restricted knowledge.

'Our program is invincibility—Centres of Invincibility, Centres of Invincibility. [It only takes] very few people, and we are asking every government to have this thing done. If they don't do it, there will be a revolt against every government. They will be hooted out.

'Presidents and prime ministers, education ministers, finance and defence ministers, trade and industry ministers, they are all there to serve the nation, and now we see that all are in default. In their mind they are serving the nation, but the result is they are crucifying the nation. Their effort, their organization, their government is a fraud.

'Everywhere the government is a fraud. Everywhere the government is a fraud. This is my message to every government—whether the world press releases this message or not, the world press will be out of its duty tomorrow.

'I am going to establish through the government. For the government it is very easy to have a few hundred people in each ministry. Or all the people in each ministry, or a quarter of these people, one hour in each ministry every day, every day.

'The whole thing has come out to be on such a ridiculously small scale of operation.

'Here is a joy for the world press, if the world press has anything to do with patriotism, and if they have any little common sense. There was a proverb in English—if you try and try and fail, again and again you try and again and again. All that is not necessary. You try once and you see that you are crowned.

'That logic of Dr Hagelin's today—he said there are engineers who create the electricity and the power houses. The man in the house doesn't have to know the whole engineering. He just presses the button and gets the light. So the people don't have to understand.

'If the people of the government don't understand what happens with the closed eyes and all that we are teaching—what happens when the individual gets enlightened and the influence becomes cosmic; the influence on national life and how the whole thing spreads. You don't have to understand the mechanics of this, but you know how to press the button. You don't have to understand the mechanics.

'Such utter simplicity in the field of knowledge, and such utter simplicity in the field of numbers of those who will achieve this.

'So governments are going to do it; single individuals for their own enlightenment have to be doing it. In every way the world is destined to be a better world tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow; next week, next month. Don't go to next year; next week is good enough.

'Our Minister of Finance, the Prime Minister, and Science and Technology Minister, they have designed a programme for every government, for every trade and industry, for every school, every college, every hospital, for every builder, for every engineer in the country—for everyone they have an open door to heavenly happiness on the mental level and huge amount of wealth on the practical level.

'The wealthy so far have always had heart palpitations whether they should invest in this, whether they should invest in this, and wherever they invest. All the days of heart palpitations for the wise are coming to an end. Those who start to close the eyes, this is a programme to do less and accomplish more, more, more and more.

'We have started this thing, and we don't depend on the governments. We have our own global government, peaceful government. We are not calling it a government because we don't want to create any fear of our existence in the present existing governments.

'We call it a Global Country; we have a Global Development Currency, we have global Natural Law. We have everything global and we are going to be parental to the whole world population—all the countries, our own family—every country we want to see invincible, rising to invincibility.

'And very quickly, it's not many days, it's not a long time. Now it's a matter of a few days, a few weeks; a few hundred people here and there, or a thousand people in bigger countries.

'We have already started calling our centres of teaching of Transcendental Meditation 'Centres of Invincibility'. Centres of Invincibility has a collective connotation. Centre of Enlightenment was thought to be on the individual level so far. Thousands of years of history of the world has [heard] enlightenment. It's not a new word.

'What is new in our case is Total Knowledge of Natural Law and the influence of the individual enlightenment on the level of the nation as a whole in terms of enlightenment. The nation as a whole in terms of enlightenment, because a few hundred individuals is good enough to create that cosmic influence, that collective influence in the whole society. The whole society is going to be on the right lines always evolving, always evolving.

'Now it's a matter of a few days. Whether the world press expresses it or not, we are going to create the influence. If the world press listens to it, they will be enjoying their duty. If they don't do it, we just simply don't mind. If the governments do it, they will be doing their duty; if they don't do it, we don't mind that they don't do it.

'Just a few hundred people will do it themselves. We are so independent now, that's why we are proclaiming invincibility to every nation. It's not a slogan, it's not a slogan. It's the announcement of the real tomorrow.

'Today a country is dependent on its people. Tomorrow every nation will be independent of anything; it will be thriving in prosperity, in affluence, in integrity, everything.

'That is the world that is going to dawn in a few days, in a few days. Maybe a few nights we have to go through, but the dawn we see already and on that basis we are making such open claims.

'And listen to Dr Hagelin. The day when I said every Centre of Transcendental Meditation, teaching Transcendental Meditation, promising all to the individual, now we want to be calling them to the Centres of Invincibility—the remark I heard from Dr Hagelin absolutely convinced me that these are the torchbearers of the forthcoming enlightened world.

'Forthcoming enlightened world does not mean one or two years or three years. It is now during this year. The world has a very great fortunate generation of intelligentsia, the leaders of our Movement.

'Yesterday our Finance Minister said to me, 'We have announced a five to six billion budget of the Global Country of World Peace.' I want to raise it to 100 billion. I was very happy to hear from him that very soon he is going to come out with a hundred million expenditure and this expenditure will be so quickly met.

'We don't depend on those financiers. We don't beg money from the financiers. If the financiers want to have income without heart palpitation, they will come to our door and beg us to give our business to them. We'll offer business to them like that.

'It's a different thing. We are not entering into a trade for yearly income. It's instant, it's instant. It's like when you drink a good juice, instantly you feel better, better, better.

'Our formula is instant and the result is instant. It's a doing of a few individuals but creating a cosmic influence because of the level of consciousness. All the theories, all the understanding about the philosophy of it—self-referral consciousness—they are all abstract values because they are more and more refined, more and more refined. They go the transcendental level from where the mind returns, from where the language returns, from where all the calculations return.

'But from that level of absolute silence is our operation. We are expert in that; we are expert in teaching that and we are very happy that we are able to create such a great influence in society.

'That is why we say the world is our family and we don't want anyone in our family to be miserable as it has been throughout history, and particularly very wrong notions the human race has been through, particularly in the field of defence.

'You are so afraid. If anybody wants to come to you, you are afraid of him, you want to kill him. And when you want to kill him, you want to kill your own youth. You want to kill your own youth.

'When you are sacrificing the youth for the nation, where is the nation? For whom is the nation?

'When you are killing your youth, when you are killing your youth for the nation—all these maddening principles have been floated on the level of bravery and death. The whole thing was a fraud and harmful to life.

'Now is the time which is all glory to the Vedic tradition, the tradition of Vedic knowledge from where [comes] knowledge of Total Natural Law, which has been verified today in the name of the Unified Field.

'As Dr Hagelin has expressed to the people, everybody doesn't have to be electronic engineer, but he can enjoy the activity of the electronic engineer in the powerhouse. Engineer is giving the light and the man can enjoy the light. He doesn't have to go through all the engineering of electricity.

'We are in a very beautiful position, and we are happy to say that we are happy about the knowledge; we are happy about what we are doing, and we are happy about the results that we are producing. We are happy over what we have done all these past years.

So that is the message to the world press, if they want to exist. Otherwise they will be replaced by more intelligent people. This is the time whether they choose to remain on a respectable level or choose to be thrown out. This is my ultimate message to the world press.'

Maharishi then asked Dr Hagelin to tell the world press what he had just said. 'We don't want to waste our time any more on talking. Jai Guru Dev.'

Global Good News will feature Dr Hagelin's remarks following Maharishi's address on Tuesday 8 May.

For Dr Hagelin's message to the world's military leaders in April 2007 about Unified Field-Based Invincible Defence, please see Part I, Part II, Part III, and Maharishi's comments on that presentation by Dr Hagelin.

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