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Maharishi addresses the conference on Global Reconstruction of the World
by Global Good News staff writer

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18 April 2007

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, addressed the conference held at the Global Financial Capital of New York on 13 April, following talks by Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace Dr John Hagelin and Dr Eike Hartmann. Dr Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology, related the most up-to-date knowledge of the structure of the universe to the field of architecture. Dr Hartmann, Minister of Glolbal Reconstruction, outlined the programme for reconstruction of all buildings of the world to be in accord with Natural Law through Maharishi Sthapathya Veda, Vedic Architecture.

Maharishi said that he had listened with great interest to all the logic and arguments in these presentations 'and all the beautiful, concise expressions of reality and the connectedness of the individual and his house with the cosmic reality.

'It's like the grain of infinity connected with unlimited extended infinity, all this has been discussed and we have been discussing it for so many years,' Maharishi said.

'Anyone who wants to understand more and more, he should listen to Dr Hagelin's mathematical expression of Total Natural Law through the language of Physics and Chemistry and all those beautiful equations. And all those who want to listen and know, they should listen to Dr Eike's exhortation.

'What I have to say is that we have now crystals of sugar. If you want to know how sugar was made, go to the history of it, no harm, it's available there, but make yourself sweet!

'Like that is this science and technology of architecture. What is behind this? What is behind this is the Unified Field, which connects everything with everything else in the universe.

'It's the Unified Field discovered through the mathematical language without any flaw in it. The precision of mathematics describes that there is an element, Total Natural Law, the Unified Field, which is omnipresent, and connects every grain of creation with every grain of creation.

'That is a connecting level, and in view of that unified wholeness, all the diverse values of the universe are being consolidated, they are being put together by Total Natural Law which administers the ever-expanding universe in a unified state.

'The example is very simple and we have been informing the people for all these long years—the example of a tree composed of one element, the sap.

'The sap in a tree connects all the leaves, all the branches, all the flowers, all the fruits, everything that the tree is, is the expression of the sap. The sap connects everything with everything else.

'Therefore, if a leaf wants to live the dignity of the whole tree, a leaf can live that dignity of all infinite variety of the whole tree, but it has to be lived on the level of the transcendental sap.

'The sap is transcendental to the leaf, so if the leaf wants to have the dignity of all the branches and the whole expanded tree, it can have that dignity, it can have that pride of being everything—so wide and so expanded and so on—but it has to be on the level of the transcendental level where the leaf is not there. What is there is the transcendental value of the leaf, which is the same transcendental value of the branches, the same transcendental value of the flowers and fruits.

'One area [is] transcendental, that means out of the limitations of space and time. Unified wholeness is a living reality of everything and anything that is there in creation. The whole reality is obvious with this example of a sap and a tree.

'The same thing has been now described to us by Dr Hagelin in such beautiful, simple, and mathematical equations. Dr Hagelin describes such beautiful mathematical equations to bring out the knowledge of the transcendental field of life, the most basic field of life.

'From that level anything that the creation is in its multifarious aspects can be realized as a living reality of daily life. That's what we say in simple words—individual is cosmic.

'Individual is cosmic. All the research that Dr Hagelin has described, the brain waves, the physiology—Maharaja Nader Raam has brought out the unity of transcendental, self-referral consciousness as the basis of all expressions of life.

'It was such a joy to have weighed the physiology of Maharaja Raam in gold a few years ago, and it was such a joy to crown him to be the first Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

''The universe is a global country of world peace.

'Maharaja Raam is today managing his transcendental field of consciousness from there, silently. Quietly functioning within himself, he is functioning on the level of the Constitution of the Universe, self-referral.

'Like the hollowness of a banyan seed, the hollowness; it's hollow. What is in that hollow? Obviously nothingness. It's a big huge emptiness, it's zero.

'When we want to express its nature in nothingness, we say zero. And when we want to say how this zero, nothingness, is the basis of the expressions of the many branches, so many leaves, so many flowers, so many fruits—all the multifarious, bound realities of different aspects of the tree come out of that nothingness functioning within itself.

'How does nothingness function within itself? Because that nothingness, though unmanifest, is not inertia. It is intelligent. It is consciousness, it is self-referral consciousness.

'What do we mean when we say self-referral? Self-referral is a circular motion. Self-referral is a circular motion that is always touching the periphery of the circular emptiness, the hollowness.

'This is so beautifully described in the expressions of the Yoga Sutra. One Yoga Sutra describes the self-referral nature of reality, transcendental. The transcendental reality is self-referral; it's not inertia. It's not dumpy. It is in motion. It is in eternal self-referral motion.

'That is the nature of memory. The self-referral functioning of the emptiness of the hollow seed is self-referral. Being self-referral, it is in circular motion. In the Vedic language this word circular motion is called Vritti sarupyam.

'What is there? Vritti sarupyam; there is circular motion. What is the circular motion? When the movement is a circular motion, then what is moving in a circular way? It can only be silence.

'Silence in self-referral, circular motion. Silence in self-referral motion; and I was very happy to hear Dr Hagelin describe the eight fundamental values of creation.

'This circular motion as it is brought to light through the Vedic language, is in terms of eight values, eight Prakritis. Eight natures of the unmanifest value, the eight divided nature of the unified wholeness of the transcendental field of consciousness.

'Immediately we come to the research of Raja Raam Ji and the expression of it. It's so beautifully described in the mathematical language of the equations, of the eight-divided nature of the Prakriti.

'[There are] eight divided natures of the Prakriti, but the eight divided—from what [is it] divided? From one unified wholeness, self-referral, knowing itself.

'So knowing itself, it is the knower, it is the process of knowing, and it is the object of knowledge. The three values. Suddenly one—consciousness—finds itself in terms of knower, knowing, and known.

'Knower is called Rishi, the process of knowing is called Devata. Devata is symbolizing 'I' [pronounced eee], Rishi is symbolizing 'A' [long Ah], and when 'A' is in terms of 'I', then 'A' is hidden and 'I' is on the scene.

'When 'I' is in the scene then 'A' is hidden, so appearance of 'I' is simultaneously the hiding process of 'A'. This hiding process of 'A', either 'I' is hidden in 'A', or 'A' is hidden in 'I'.

'So this hiding process is expressed by the syllable 'U'. So there is 'A', there is 'I', there is 'U' [long uuu]—'A', 'I', 'U', all within 'A'.

'When we say 'AAA', it is a flow. So flow in 'A' is 'I', and the moment 'I' comes out there is the presence of 'U'. 'U' comes out, and 'A', 'I', 'U'.

'This that I am describing is just what Dr Hagelin has described—eight fundamental realities qualifying the wholeness of Unity.

'This is the unified wholeness. It is the unified wholeness that is being analysed. This is the science of totality, science of the Unified Field—that is symbolic in 'A', 'I', 'U', and all the three, they are united.

'When all the three are united; when all the three syllables, 'A', 'I', 'U' are unified, then their unified expression is in terms of the word 'RRR'. 'RRR' is the word where you can't make anything out of it.

'Point, point, point—when 'A', 'I', 'U' are united, they are in a unified state, and the combined syllable of it is not in terms of 'A', not in terms of 'I', not in terms of 'U'. None of these three are locatable in that unified wholeness of the three.

'And the fourth composition is point, point, point, point. This point, point, point, point, point, in terms of a word, a syllable, is 'RRR'.

'So 'A', 'I', 'U' in their natural togetherness have a syllable to express the unity of the three in terms of 'RRR'.

'This is the composition, the breakdown of total Natural Law. So from 'RRR' [comes] Rk Veda; from Rk Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda—the whole Vedic Literature—all the Smritis, Puran and all that, the whole structuring dynamics of the creation: how from Unity, diversity comes out.

'Look at the perfection of science here. Scientific investigation demands that no aspect of approach could be left out. No aspect of it could be left out of consideration.

'What do we mean by that? There is language, which is in terms of flow. Language, I am speaking. We hear the Veda being recited by the Vedic Pandits. What do the Vedic Pandits do? They go from word to word to word to word. There is a flow, there is a flow, there is a flow.

'There is another expression which is called numerical—number system. Number system expresses new values, but the new value is not flowing. One is always one, two is always two, three is always three.

'There is newness, but the newness is in terms of memory. One has the memory of the two, because if I know one then I know myself and when I know myself, I am the knower; I am my Self which is the known; and the process of knowing. All the three are there. When one is located, one is always in terms of three.

'These are all the wheels within wheels of knowledge. This is how science is defined—it does not leave any aspect without consideration.

'Vedic Science means the science of Veda, the science of the totality of life, the science of the Constitution of the Universe—the science of the Constitution of the Universe is spread out, explained in terms of two kinds of language: one flowing language, which we know to be language; the other non-flowing language, fixed language—which we know to be the number system—one, two, three, four.

'So these mathematical equations, all the equations of geometry and algebra equations, they are all set and fixed. That is why both are enjoying authenticity. Both are reliable, ultimate references. If something is available through the mathematical equations, then it is truth.

'If something is available in terms of the language of the transcendental field, then that language flowing, is a flow, systematic, sequential: systematic sequential symmetry breaking. This is a word from science, symmetry breaking.

'The totality breaks itself into isolated particles, but in a sequential way. The flow of the Veda is in terms of flow. What flows? There is a word, then there is a gap; there is a word, then there is a gap; there is a word, then there is a gap.

'The sequential flow. One is left out, but it is not completely abandoned. The whole creation is expressed in the example of sap becoming a tree. One sap, multiple expressions of the tree.

'What I am driving at is that everything is well connected with everything else. The derivation of this principle is that there is a house in which we live, which is well connected with those who live inside the house, and it is also well connected with the environment, and with the further away environment—with the sun and the moon and the galaxies and stars, with the whole universe.

'The house is not an accident. The house has its connectedness with everyone who lives inside it, and who is outside it. There is no limitation for outside—sun, moon, stars, galaxies, the whole universe.

'A well-measured house is, in short we say, a fortune-creating home; and ill-designed homes, they are misfortune-creating homes. People do not know where is the cause of their sickness; where is the basic cause of their fighting with their friends and living in the same house. They don't know what it is, so they make excuses here and there; they create a hell of their life.

'All the problems of the world will go away with our Global Reconstruction programme. We are aware that all that is going on in the parliaments of the world—all this criticism and parties and differences and dissensions—all these will simply disappear when the parliament buildings, government buildings, and office buildings are built according to this theme of connectedness. Ultimately all the physiology is in terms of consciousness.

'It's so beautiful, our conclusions are so absolutely marvelous, so divine; they are so royal. They stand on their own feet. It's just like ready-made sugar particles we make available in the market: ''Here is sugar, you eat it.''

'Those who want to know how the sugar is made, they are welcome to know the history of it, but knowing the history will not be any help. Eat it. It's a ready-made sugar, ready-made bliss.

'You are cosmic in nature; enjoy your cosmic dignity. Enjoy your cosmic royalty. Individuals of the world, enjoy your cosmic royalty. Doesn't matter in what language you hear it or in what language you understand it, but have the taste of reality.

'Life is huge. Life is huge means it is all such a bundle of bliss. Out of Ananda [bliss] is this whole diversity of creation. It is Ananda that is permeating everything. It is Ananda that is permeating everything. So the conclusion is that there is one element, Ananda, which is my Self, which is your Self, which is the Self of everyone, because it is no more isolated in space and time.

'It is [the] transcendental reality that is my Self, that is your Self. So we seem to be separate, but we are all united; and from where is this conclusion? This conclusion is the conclusion of the Constitution of the Universe—the one value that administers the universe. The infinite diversity of the universe is upheld by that one reality, the Unified Field.

'It doesn't matter in what language we talk about it. It doesn't matter in what language you understand about it, but that one reality is connecting everything, and therefore everything of the individual should be based on conscious awareness of that one level of Unity.

'We have talked enough, we have talked enough, we have talked enough, and we have a global move for the word ''Reconstruction of the World''.

How can we say it practically? Because construction is going on in every place. Reconstruction of the whole is going on everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

'So we are alerting the builders of today, we are alerting those who order the builders to ''build my house, build my office, build my factory, build my school''.

'We are raising a voice to them in their understandable language. Whether they understand the language of Dr Hagelin, the scientific language, or they understand the simple words of Dr Eike, or whether they want to dive into the unfathomable field of knowledge in the structures of the Veda.

'From whatever [they understand], all these buildings in which the governments are working today, they must be demolished. Finished. There is nothing to argue.

'But if you want to continue to suffer, continue with your buildings. Otherwise this is the time. 2007 should be the year that all these buildings of the government offices, buildings of the parliaments, and buildings of the ministers and presidents—they should be demolished.

'Every finance minister should think that overnight, tonight a hurricane came, an earthquake came. What he will do tomorrow? He will have to rebuild.

'So don't let the hurricane or earthquake come to demolish your building. You demolish yourself. Realize the mistake of your predecessors. Demolish the building, and if you don't want to demolish it, listen to Dr Hagelin and Dr Hartmann. Listen to them and argue with them, and if you understand it or not—you may not understand when you water the root, you may not understand how the water will reach the leaves, ten feet high up in the air.

'You may not understand, but you have to water the root. You have to follow the gardener who says, ''If you want to reach the top of the leaf, water the ground here.''

'Like that, our role is that of a gardener, and we have such brilliant exponents of this whole truth of life. That is why they have taken on themselves to reconstruct the world.

'Everything has to be reconstructed. Education has to be reconstructed; health care has to be reconstructed; architecture has to be reconstructed.

'What is the basis of all this reconstruction? The knowledge of the one that unifies all diversity.

'That is why all these beautiful expressions that we give out day after day, week after week, to reform education, to reform agriculture, to reform building codes, to redo politics, to redo economics—to redo everything in the world.

'It's that time now. No more time for us to speak. Either do what we say or continue to suffer, but you will not continue to suffer. We are addressing the world press today, and every world press is proud of his own country. Every world press is proud of their own country.

'This is the voice that comes from the Constitution of the Universe, the voice of Heaven. We are calling you all on behalf of God, and God created man in his image—infinite potential of life, infinite potential of life in the human species.

'Don't follow the advice, ask 'Why do you want to continue to suffer? Why do you want to continue to suffer?' You must have to come out [of suffering in these old misfortune-creating buildings].

'So we have an organization that is going to redo the world, and today's talks of Dr Hagelin and Dr Eike, such brilliance. But if you don't understand, try and try and try to listen again and again and again.

'This is the time that all these talks will be there for all time to be heard by those in all the coming generations. So the knowledge is lively, and it is going to reconstruct the world in every way.

'Sooner you do it in your own home, [the sooner] you begin to live. This is my message to the world press, and this is the message that was talked about in different aspects of language by Dr John Hagelin and by Dr Eike Hartmann.

'We have such brilliant spokesmen of this complete and total philosophy—philosophy made practical in the simple words of the leaders of our Movement, Ministers of the Court of Raja Raam.

'So, Dr Hagelin, I congratulate you for the simplicity of expression for the wise, and for the simplicity of expression for those who don't have this mathematical knowledge to understand the equations. For that Dr Hartmann has spoken so simply, so simply.

'What I'm saying is now the taste of pudding is in the eating.

'No more talks. Any more talks, you take those two talks and what I have been able to summarize. These are the values of knowledge. We throw off the balls of knowledge, which will hit the goal and very soon we'll have a beautiful world.

'In each country national consciousness will be free from negative values; it will be full of positive values—full of integrated wholeness. Every national consciousness is going to rise to Invincibility and we'll be enjoying full freedom, complete health, wealth, and wisdom.

'With all this offer to the world, we pray to the source of this knowledge, which is there in our Vedic Tradition, the great light for us, the light of Guru Dev, Brahmanda Saraswati* Vijayante Taram. Glory to Shri Guru Dev, and glory to the changing time that is going to make every one healthy, wealthy, and wise, and full of freedom—every nation invincible.

'All glory to Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev.'

* Maharishi's Master, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.


For information about Maharishi's six-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York.

For the schedule of the seven Global Conferences in the current series being held under the auspices of the Global Financial Capital of New York, please visit: Global Conference Series. The conferences are broadcast live and replayed on the Maharishi Channel via satellite and over the Internet (also refer to Maharishi Channel broadcast and replay schedule).

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