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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi responds to the experiences given by Purusha
by Global Good News staff writer

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12 September 2007

In a special video conference with the Purusha* Programme recently, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi commented on the experiences that were given by members of this programme, in answer to a question posed by the Danish government and national Press and a mayor from Argentina (please see separate articles, Parts I and II, linked at the end of this article).

As his answer, one member of Purusha said that, having been told by Maharishi of Guru Dev's** instructions Pashya, pashya, pashya, 'See, see, see'—'Shri Guru Dev has come to my sight in Atma Brahm [the Totality, Brahm, which is the Self, Atma, of everyone], in the silvery golden light of Purusha [the Self, unbounded, transcendental silence]. . . . Guru Dev's Being has filled me, and life is full of love, and full of love for all beings, in the divinity of love . . .'

Another member of Purusha said that 'I experienced myself as an expanding wave of consciousness and bliss, and the result was the materialization of the self-referral awareness of my own unboundedness into space and time in the form of the witness [the witness quality of the unbounded Self]. This was most dramatic on one occasion when the collapsed state of silence was challenged, so to speak, by a sudden loud noise in the environment.

'Instead of my being thrown out of the silence, the fullness of infinity was pulled out of the fullness of nothingness. My point value singularity rose up like a solid column made of nothing but consciousness. I was that which was rising up, and on rising to a certain level, my awareness turned outward and became the unbounded witness, full of the value of self-referral consciousness.'

Following the experiences from Purusha, Maharishi responded: 'The world has heard the silence speaking today, Purusha speaking his experience. The Unified Field [is] speaking itself and speaking the mechanics of diversified infinity. I want to give the joy to Dr John Hagelin [Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, world-renowned quantum physicist, and Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, USA], to express in words, because his students, those whom he has been guiding and interpreting, are capable of expressing totality of Natural Law. They are capable of expressing the quantified and unquantified values of the cosmic Constitution of the Universe.

'Dr Hagelin, you are the joy of your floating around in the unbounded ocean, and everyone is enjoying your creation. It's such a joy to see, when we heard from Purusha. . . the words of Guru Dev: Pashya, pashya, pashya, pashya. ''See, see, see, and see.'' That's all the instruction [is].

'Because something that is there, eternally there, appears to be something else. So what is the instruction about it? ''You see, you see, you see, you see.'' It's a miraculous way of expressing everything without expressing anything. This is the technique the Vedic Literature defines.

'What does the teacher do? What does the Guru [spiritual teacher] do? He gives the technique. And what is the technique? It's like putting the powder or ointment in the eye so that you begin to see little clearly from there. So putting the order, putting the powder or ointment in the eye, is all the teacher does.

'The teacher doesn't bring out any new value. He asks him [the student] to see the old, ancient basic value in what he's seeing now. He's seeing a leaf. Now [the teacher] says ''You enter into the leaf. You see the leaf; you transcend the leaf, you transcend the colour on the leaf, the size of the leaf. All that you see you transcend, and then what you see is, the reality of the leaf.''

' ''See, I'll see, I'll see.'' This [is the] one-syllable expression of Vedic teaching. Vedic teaching means teaching Totality. The voice of today is ''Open a university which will actualize its name.'' The name is uni-, unified, -versity, [di] versified; Unified, [di]versified. Purusha's voice today—the clarion call of Total Knowledge to the world—is ''Total Knowledge to every student, Total Knowledge to every student.'' Every underlined and total underlined. [This is the] Vedic University, which Purusha are going to teach. What they are going to teach?

'Total Knowledge in one syllable, in one word. Exactly like the knowledge of the sap. What is the sap in a tree? It is transcendental to the leaf, transcendental to the flower, transcendental to anything that the tree is. This is a technique. We can qualify the technique. We say it's a most scientific and most ancient technique. That means it is not made by time and space values.

'Scientific reality is that which doesn't waver. It doesn't become something else, it doesn't become something else. It digs into the cause, and cause, and cause, and ultimately the experiencer himself finds that ''I am this. I am Totality. I am Totality.''

'Whether we say the English ''I am Totality'' or say it in the Vedic expression—Aham Brahmasmi—Total Knowledge has to be opened to every student. And the teacher can't make excuses that the student cannot remember; he can't punish the student because he was told yesterday, and one day the student has forgotten what he was told.

'These excuses of memory, or lack of memory, all these things that modern psychology brings out, they are all a trash, they are the useless logic to say that the boy is not able to grasp. It is the teacher who is not able to make him see what his own action is, what his own actor is, what his own process of action is.

'So it is a lack of knowledge of Totality on the part of the teacher that is going to be taken away, and Dr Hagelin is going to produce thousands of teachers of this Total Knowledge, talking to them in terms of the language of science. Let us have the joy of what the Purusha have experienced, have expressed in their demonstration of reality today. Let's hear from the great exponent of modern science. Dr Hagelin, give us the joy of your expressions.'

Please see also Part I and Part II of Maharishi's address earlier on this occasion, and also Dr Hagelin's comments requested by Maharishi.

* Purusha: Purusha are single men devoted to a programme carefully designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace. This is accomplished through the extended group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme and activity dedicated to the fulfillment of the many programmes of Maharishi's worldwide movement. This is a full-time programme requiring a minimum commitment of one year.

'Purusha is a very ideal programme.... It is a wonderful programme for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.' -Maharishi

Please see also Purusha.

** Guru Dev Maharishi's spiritual teacher, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

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