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Raja Kingsley Brooks reflects on Unified Field-based Education

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12 June 2007

In a recent Press Conference at the Global Financial Capital of New York, Dr Kingsley Brooks, Raja of New England for the Global Country of World Peace, informed the press that Maharishi has said over and over again that everything depends on education. Why is this? Because intelligence, or consciousness, drives the physical world. This one piece of critical information continues to be overlooked in the field of education, in our society and world.

Physiology is one thing, but it is the intelligence that drives the physiology. So the emphasis of education should be on the driver - the intelligence or consciousness that creates and governs the physiology.

In short, consciousness creates and governs the physical world.

Education throughout the world-is more geared to bring us knowledge of the physical objective world. The emphasis should be on that element which drives the physical - that which creates the physical universe.

Maharishi points out the problems of society are the problems of education. The crises and conflicts in every nation today are a crisis of the inadequacy of education.

Following is an example given by Maharishi to illustrate these points:

It is the hand that slaps a man, but it is the mind that raises the hand and slaps him. So the education should be to regulate the mind, culture the mind. For that we have to train the whole brain physiology to act in a way that the consciousness or intelligence is a higher level of intelligence, not a low level of intelligence.

We know from all the violence in our schools that we are not culturing the intelligence that is driving these students who are acting violently.

That's why we need Vedic Education. Vedic education means consciousness based or Total Knowledge-based Education - education of the field of Total Knowledge.

This seems so simplistic, but we all know from our experience, that the student himself - the Knower - has been left out of the educational process - all the focus has been on the parts of knowledge. Students today are repeatedly lost in a never-ending stream of fragments of information. The more you learn the more you realize what you do not know - an ever-increasing experience of frustration.

In Maharishi's Vedic Education we start with the experience of Total Knowledge. Through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique, the student unfolds his own unbounded awareness or Atma. From this experience of the totality of knowledge, the student is able to analyze the different fields of knowledge, parts of knowledge on the ground of the fruit of all knowledge.

EDUCATION is the science and art of unfolding values hidden from view. The ideal of education is to unfold Total Knowledge, so that nothing remains hidden from view. In Vedic Education, when one gains the knowledge of anything, the total knowledge of it unfolds; nothing about it remains hidden from view - knowledge of the surface, the depth, and the Transcendent - knowledge of the entire field of existence, the whole field of reality from the manifest to the unmanifest.

Modern education unfolds values hidden from view but in isolation, and only connects the parts to other parts - but never to their source, the Self, the student's own unbounded awareness or Atma, which is the student's own deep experience each day during his Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi practice, including Yogic Flying. Adding this experience of Total Knowledge, the Self, into the life of the student, the student synthesizes the different fields or parts of knowledge back into that one field of Total Knowledge - Atma - self-referral consciousness, or the Unified Field of Natural Law. Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technologies of Consciousness give us everything to unfold and explore the field of Total Knowledge.

So it is so simple - the student only needs to dive within himself to gain the knowledge of everything, anything, to gain mastery over his own life, the whole universe. 'Know thy Self' - capture the totality of knowledge, says the ancient Vedic Literature.

Maharishi is also fond of the Vedic Quote, from the Mundaka Upanishad, which captures our Vedic approach to education perfectly:

Kasminnu bhagavo vigyate sarvam idam vigyatam bhavatiti Know that by knowing which everything is known.

All institutions of education today and for 1,000's of years have missed this critical and crucial point!The human brain is the hardware to experience the ultimate reality of existence, the cosmic software - the Constitution of the Universe - the Unified Field of pure consciousness - the field of total Natural Law, the blue print of creation.

A profound quote from Maharishi's book, 'Vedic knowledge for Everyone', states:

'Education on the level of Atma is self-sufficient, it is the ideal structure of education. Absolute education is realized in the state of self-referral consciousness where there are no steps for gaining knowledge; there is no teacher, what is there is the structure of pure knowledge, of pure consciousness, which is all-knowingness, fully awake infinite organizing power of pure knowledge - what is there is Unity, togetherness of knower, process of knowing, and known - Samhita. Rk Veda is the lively embodiment of Total Knowledge...Rk Veda is itself the student, it is itself the teacher, it is itself the learning and teaching process, it is itself the subject of teaching, it is itself the process of gaining knowledge, it is itself the source, course, and goal of all knowledge - it is PURE knowledge.'

For information about Maharishi's seven-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York:

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