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Maharishi Celebrates Guru Purnima, the Day of the Divine Master
by Staff writer

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5 July 2004

On 2 July 2004 Maharishi celebrated Guru Purnima, the Day of the Divine Master. The celebration, which was broadcast live to a worldwide audience via satellite television and the Internet, began with Vedic Recitation. Then Maharishi performed Puja, the traditional Vedic ceremony of gratitude, to his own Divine Master, Guru Dev—His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj, Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir-Math, Badarikashram, Himalayas.

In his address that followed, Maharishi said, 'The tradition of Guru Dev is the eternal tradition of Total Knowledge, and in that is lively the eternal ability for everything. With his blessings—with your blessings, Guru Dev—what has come about from us is the establishment of a network for your blessings, a network of your Total Knowledge to continue to shower its blessings to every man born in our world family.'

Maharishi noted that Raja Ram was the childhood name of Guru Dev, and went on to say, 'That has been our driving force to establish Ram Raj, which is an all-time reality of our universe. Ram Raj—the administration of Ram, the administration of Brahm . . . is the administration of pure spirituality, and the administration of pure spirituality we understand as the administration of total Natural Law, the administration of the Will of God.'

In the Vedic Language, Brahmananda, a name of Guru Dev, means 'bliss of totality'. Maharishi said, 'Our administration has been very natural, very normal because we have been put on the path of Brahmananda, the path of bliss eternal.'

Quoting the Vedic Expression Anandad dhy-eva khalv imani bhutani jayante anandena jatani anandam pratanty-abhisamvishanti—From bliss, indeed, all beings originate; having been born, they are sustained by bliss; they move towards and merge into bliss—from Taittiriya Upanishad, Maharishi pointed out that 'the whole story of life is the story of Brahmananda'.

Addressing Guru Dev directly, as he did repeatedly throughout the celebration, Maharishi said, 'So having been sustained by bliss—the radiance of your brilliance, Guru Dev—we sustain our breath. And now, having offered all our existence, evolution—all the source, course, and goal of our life—we are very fortunate today on this Full Moon Day—on this Guru Purnima Day—to celebrate the continuum of bliss eternal.'

In attendance at the celebration, which took place at the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland, were His Majesty Raja Nader Ram, First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace; many of his Ministers; and the newly trained Rajas of the 12 time zones.

Maharishi said, 'The areas belong to the 12 divisions of the march of the sun, eternally in the form of a Mandala going round and round and round and round. Veda—10 Mandals—sing the glory of the rotational system, which is of course rotational, but the same thing is rotating all the time'' The Vedic Expression for this is Purnat purnam udachyate—fullness on the move—Ananda (bliss) on the move.

He said that from the level of our Being it is always the same, but from the worldly point of view, 'We see the world consciousness is stepping onto the level which is the level of the lighted lamp—stepping out of the darkness—stepping out of ignorance—stepping out of shortcomings and problems and suffering.'

Mentioning the intention to have Capitals of the Global Country of World Peace in 108 countries—action to create a 'highway of bliss' to everyone—Maharishi said, 'All the Rajas are ready now to launch their 'expedition', we can say, to reach the plateau—that administration which is absolutely perfect administration—administration of the Will of God—administration of total Natural Law.'

Maharishi said, 'Guru Purnima is a very special launching pad for total knowledge of Natural Law to be lived in life by everyone. . . . Now on the material level of administration this government of total Natural Law is going to be functioning and . . . the gap between man-made constitution[s] and the Natural Law based constitution—the gap between limitations of the human mind and the unlimited dignity and reality of the Cosmic Mind—the gap is going to be bridged.'

'Natural Law has been functioning from every point in creation', Maharishi continued. 'Now [the] points are gathering together because enough distortion has been experienced for so long time by all the people in the world, but now Natural Law is fed up. Now total Natural Law cannot allow anymore distortion of its value, which is bliss, which is eternity. So now from today there will be the administrative procedures laid out so that there'll be a ceaseless rapport between the First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace and the rulers of the different geographical domains of the Rajas. It's a very beautiful day marking the difference between the past and the present. . . .

'I think we've reached the plateau of administration of the Global Country of World Peace and now it has to be in every part of the world, which the Rajas are going to achieve everywhere. The whole thing is ready and we are ready to enjoy our floating in the endless extension of the ocean of bliss. All blessings of Guru Dev.'

The Guru Purnima Celebration is being replayed all this week on the Maharishi Channel and via the Internet at

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