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The role of Transcendental Meditation in the unfoldment of leadership capability - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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24 March 2007

In the Global Press Conference on 21 March, Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about the unique effectiveness of Transcendental Meditation in developing full brain potential for the unfoldment of leadership capability.

The higher brain is responsible for our own executive control, our own leadership, all the higher human functions. 'Unfortunately,' said Dr Hagelin, 'under stress, this prefrontal cortex shuts down.'

Under stress the higher brain shuts down, so the stressful work place is not conducive to proper far-reaching, effective, comprehensive, executive decisions.

'Transcendental Mediation immediately reduces and eliminates the deleterious effects of stress on brain functioning,' Dr Hagelin said, 'because Transcendental Meditation, among all its other effects, provides the physiology with a level of rest far deeper than sleep, and in that profound state of rest, rejuvenation, refreshment, and revitalization—elimination of fatigue and stress—all occur very efficiently.

'With the elimination of stress, the restoration of blood flow and functioning of the entire brain—including the critical pre-frontal cortex, the CEO of the brain—turn back on,' said Dr Hagelin.

Under chronic stress which pervades many of our corporations, many of our classrooms, many urban environments, and whole areas of the world today, the pre-frontal cortex shuts down chronically—which means it is under-utilized, under-functioning, and fails to develop during its crucial, formative years between adolescence and age 25, Dr Hagelin said.

'So it is particularly important during these ages of education that the pre-frontal cortex be properly developed, and that requires the elimination of stress through Transcendental Meditation—which not only reduces the stress that is the barrier to proper balance in brain functioning and operation of the CEO of the brain, but also, this meditation engages the total brain, including the pre-frontal cortex,' Dr Hagelin explained. 'It integrates the total brain so that the pre-frontal cortex exerts proper executive control over the primitive brain, over the whole brain.'

Thus, far more than just eliminating the stress that prevents the functioning of the pre-frontal cortex, Transcendental Meditation actually engages the pre-frontal cortex and develops it together with holistic functioning of the entire brain. 'That alone is the most essential leadership training, because we can't be leaders without the leadership portion of our brain properly functioning, properly developed,' said Dr Hagelin.

'We can't be a CEO without the CEO of the brain.' So obviously, proper balanced brain development is fundamental to anyone, but particularly to CEOs who are expected to perform at a higher level, expected to use more of their innate mental potential.

'Transcendental Meditation does that directly,' Dr Hagelin said. 'It develops global EEG coherence and the integrated functioning of the entire brain. That holistic or global coherence is scientifically correlated with intelligence, IQ, executive decision-making ability, moral reasoning, all of our higher functions—creativity, alertness, reaction time, ability to function and cope effectively with any adversity. Inner silence complements the outer dynamism.'

'So what does Transcendental Meditation give executives that other leadership training programmes don't? It gives them their own CEO of the brain,' Dr Hagelin said.

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